‘Star Wars Rogue One’ Story Secrets Revealed Through Children’s Book Ahead Of New Movie Trailer

Disney is getting Star Wars Rogue One ready for its release with plenty of merchandise, and because the merchandise needs to be on store shelves before or at the time of the movie’s release, it can reveal new facts that the studio hasn’t officially spoken about, and leave massive hints about the movie. If you don’t want any spoilers before seeing the movie, turn back now. If you don’t mind a few extra bits of information, please read on.

A children’s activity book, besides its simplified and watered down plot points, contained the supposed name of the planet featured near the end of the Rogue One trailer. The rebel heroes are running through a tropical environment that, if you go according to the children’s book, is called Scarif. The planet obviously holds some major importance to the Empire. It is supposedly the location where the Death Star is being built, according to the pages of the children’s book.

Another thing revealed in the children’s book is a new type of starfighter, a U-Wing. According to MovieWeb, the U-Wing is designed for critical transport missions of both soldiers and supplies by the Rebel Alliance. It will be a new ship in the Star Wars universe, and perhaps play a critical role in Star Wars Rogue One. It’s rumored that more about the new ship will be revealed in future trailers.

The Europe edition of Star Wars Celebration is starting in London next Friday, the same day a new trailer for Rogue One is rumored to air on TV. The trailer is supposed to show up after a broadcast of Secrets of the Force Awakens: A Cinematic Journey, a Star Wars special showing how Disney went about reviving the movie legacy. Even more Star Wars reveals are being prepared for Comic Con International in San Diego. A huge collection of new Star Wars products will be introduced, including 18-inch premium metal action figures of C-3PO and Captain Phasma, an eerie, unpainted R2-D2 prototype, and even some fancy new Star Wars skateboards based on The Force Awakens.

The new trailer is rumored to be three minutes. Disney execs have so far panicked over earlier screenings of Star Wars Rogue One, so the movie has likely undergone heavy reshoots. The second new Star Wars movie can’t fail to achieve what The Force Awakens did. Rogue One represents a period of time in the Star Wars universe just before A New Hope, so the pressure for director Gareth Edwards to produce quality spinoff material is extremely high, since it’s almost like a prequel. The December 16 release date is less than half a year away. The success of this A Star Wars Story spinoff series project will set the tone for the other two spinoffs that follow in later years.

Shooting on Star Wars Episode 8 is almost complete. John Boyega and Anthony Daniels have both finished production in their respective roles of Finn and C-3PO. The entire movie is scheduled to finish production during Comic Con time later this month. That still leaves almost a year and a half before the movie opens in December of 2017. Hopefully the boatloads of new Star Wars merchandise, books, and related material will be enough to hold fans over between films. Anyway, there is still the upcoming third season of Star Wars Rebels.

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As Forbes reports, the new trailer might benefit from including a glimpse of Darth Vader. His appearance would eliminate any confusion for newer fans on what this film is in relation to The Force Awakens. Episode 7 takes place after the last movie in the original trilogy, Return of the Jedi. The new spinoff takes place right before the first movie in the trilogy, A New Hope, and sets up the events that were already well in place when the world was first introduced to the franchise. Star Wars Rogue One could hold a critically important place among fans if done correctly.

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