Futuristic Coke Machine Sports An Intel Core i7 Processor

Intel revealed a futuristic Coke machine powered by the company’s Core i7 microprocessor, according to Venture Beat. The contraption looks like something straight out of a science fiction flick, complete with a large digital display, a high-definition camera, and Wi-Fi capabilities. For those wondering why a Coca-Cola vending machine would come equipped with a camera, you’ve obviously never felt the urge to assault said dispenser when it takes your money and refuses to cough up a beverage.

Intel executive vice president Dadi Perlmutter, who showed off the machine during a recent keynote speech, explained that the machines are capable of collecting information about the people who are buying their products. Under the guise of a “photo booth,” a person can choose to have their picture taken using the machine’s built-in camera. This, of course, allows the company to see precisely who is using the invention. Sneaky, that.

The digital display also acts as a touch screen; instead of pushing physical buttons to select your choice, you simply tap the associated image on the display. Should Coca-Cola wish to bombard folks with an endless loops of commercials, they can do that as well.

ITProPortal explains that, while you can still use cash money for your purchase, the machine is capable of dispensing products for those who haven’t carried paper money and/or coins in their pockets in years. The vending machine is equipped with a QR Reader, which means you can hold a coupon or a voucher up to the device and watch as the magic of technology allows you to purchase a cold soda.

A few of these futuristic beverage dispensers are already in place in South America, so hopefully it won’t be too long before the Intel Core i7-powered Coke machines begin to pop up around the rest of the world.

To see pictures of the new and improved Coke machine, swing by ITProPortal.