Congressional Candidate Quits Campaign Over Vote Fraud Allegations

Wendy Rosen, a Democrat who was running for Congress from Maryland, has withdrawn from the contest over allegations that she illegally voted in both her home state and Florida in 2006 and 2008. In an email, Rosen said she was dropping out “with great regret, and much sorrow.”

The Baltimore Sun reports that “State Democratic Chairwoman Yvette Lewis said an examination of voting records in Maryland and Florida showed that Rosen participated in the 2006 general election and the 2008 primaries in both states.” Rosen, who is apparently now under investigation by Maryland authorities for voter fraud, declined to comment about the dual-registration issue.

With our primitive and lax voting procedures, it’s amazing that the double voting was caught in the first place. Evidently a tipster blew the whistle on Rosen’s possible vote fraud. Rosen is a property owner in Florida.

Under Maryland law, the deadline has already passed to take her name off the ballot for the November general election, so the Democrats may put up a write-in candidate. Rosen won the Democrat primary in April by a mere 57 votes. First-term Incumbent Republican Andy Harris is and was expected to win re-election in Maryland’s 1st Congressional District regardless of the opposition, however.

David Ferguson of Maryland’s Republican Party issued a statement saying in part that the GOP was “happy to see Maryland’s Democrats publicly agree that voter fraud is wrong … I’m sure this means they will join us in an effort to purge the rolls across Maryland of illegal immigrants, the deceased, and those otherwise unqualified to vote.”