I’m sorry- did that guy just catch a laptop with his ass?

MSI is soliciting YouTube video entries for a contest to promote their new X-Slim series of notebooks.

Fifteen winners will be selected to win a trip to Australia’s Great Barrier Reef and a free X-Slim notebook. Users have been told to upload their most “extreme, crazy videos” to YouTube. Naturally, a bunch of “acrobats” submitted a video of a guy catching a computer with his ass.

Comments of “world class asslete” abound (I would have said ass-crobat, but whatever), and many commenters on YouTube are calling the video a fake or accusing the dude of propelling the laptop out of his ass somehow which seems… no less probable. Here is one commenter’s debunking with spelling errors preserved:

I’ts just some promotional campaign for some product, just like “man catches glasses with face”. It’s play backwards. Obvious is fake. LOOK AT THE HAIR. It moves before the guy moves. Search on youtube for “Catches Glasses Explanation” and you’ll know how this video is made.

I have to say, neither explanation makes much sense to me. So here’s a video of the laptop ass-catching in motion, and you can judge for yourself whether this guy is throwing or catching a laptop with his ass.