Graphic Video Reveals Maid Hitting, Kicking, And Stomping On 18-Month-Old Girl [Video]

A graphic video of a Ugandan maid brutally beating an 18-month-old girl has made the rounds on social media. The horrific scenario of abuse is the worst nightmare for any parent who leaves a child with a nanny.

Eric Kamanzi, the father of the young girl, Aneela, noticed bruising on his daughter that did not coincide with her play habits. Concerned for his daughter’s safety, he suspected the maid, who also doubled as their new nanny for a period of three months. He thought about confronting her about the issue but decided she would most likely lie and make up excuses regarding the presence of the bruises. Therefore, hoping to determine the truth, Kamanzi chose to install a nanny cam and monitor Jolly Tumuhirwe’s interactions with his daughter.

What he found was infuriating and frightening.

Kamanzi reviewed the recording and discovered that not only were the bruises caused by the maid, but they were also intentional and quite extreme in their infliction. The Daily Mail reported on the story and showed the graphic nature of the child being pushed onto the floor, kicked in the side and face, stepped and stomped on, beaten with a hard object, and dragged to another room. The reason: because the child vomited on the floor.

Rather than attempt to calm the young girl and clean up the mess, Tumuhirwe immediately began to beat little Aneela without remorse, as seen in the video at the bottom of the article.

Since the video was posted, Tumuhirwe was arrested and tried, resulting in four years in jail for her crime, according to BBC News.

Tumuhirwe claimed that she beat the child as a result of being beaten by the child’s mother prior to the recording. She says it was an act of revenge. However, Aneela’s mother denies the beatings and claims that Tumuhirwe had no reason to justify the abuse.

Prior to sentencing, Tumuhirwe claimed that Mr. Kamanzi beat her to a pulp after viewing the video, claiming that the damage he inflicted upon her was much worse than what she inflicted upon Aneela. As a result, Kamanzi was arrested, and he admitted to attacking Tumuhirwe after viewing the video. However, authorities quickly dropped the charges against him after they viewed the recording, as they were equally outraged at the abuse inflicted upon the child.

Chief Magistrate Lillian Buchan was sickened by the actions Tumuhirwe carried out in the video, referring to her “ruthlessness” and referring to the child as being “innocent” and “helpless”.

A medical examination revealed that Aneela would recover fully without scarring or permanent damage, despite the horrifying imagery of Tumuhirwe placing her full weight on the child’s back. However, there is concern that psychological damage could linger on for years to come due to the emotional trauma. However, it is hopeful that her young age will be an asset in her healing.


Mr. Kamanzi is happy with the court’s decision to present Tumuhirwe with jail time even though it is only four years. The sentence will allow her to think about the pain she caused and for the justice system to take its toll on her.

“It’s not for us to decide the punishment for what she committed. We hope this has set an example for other maids out there, that you can’t just go to someone’s house and torture their baby and expect to walk out.”

Although there are no laws or regulations requiring specific qualifications for nannies in Uganda, police suggested that any future hired help be subjected to a background check even if it is a simple conversation with neighbors about the potential nanny.

Warning: The video below contains graphic imagery.

[Photo via Vchal/Shutterstock]