‘Southern Charm’ Shep Talks About Mushrooms And Whitney’s Mama, Patricia Altschul

Season three of Southern Charm is in the can, and while most of the Southern Charm reunion was dramatic, as usual, Shep Rose provided some comic relief during the season, and especially at the reunion, with his story of whiffle ball and magic mushrooms. But missing from the couch was the mother of executive producer Whitney Sudler-Smith, Patricia Altschul. While Shep Rose supposed that Patricia didn’t attend because Patricia didn’t want to be mixed up in the fray of tawdry business, many Southern Charm fans believe that Patricia didn’t want to be confronted with her behavior, or have to answer any questions.

According to the Inquisitr, though Kathryn Dennis is being attacked for failing a drug test and reportedly lying, Patricia Altschul and friends have also lied and allegedly used drugs. A former friend of Patricia Altschul, Suzanne Kent Cooke said that Patricia was run out of town after stealing family heirlooms from one of her former husbands and passing them off as her own. Patricia was in possession of Lee family antiques, and she allegedly claimed to Architectural Digest that they belonged to her own family.

Bravo reports that Patricia Altschul stayed back home in Charleston in her “beautifully decorated home” instead of making the trip back to New York where she lived for many years with husband, Arthur Altschul. Shep also believes that nobody wanted to watch more of a debate between Patricia and Kathryn, but he would be wrong. All season long on Southern Charm, fans saw others doing Patricia’s bidding, attacking Kathryn, but never an actual battle of Kathryn versus Patricia. Shep explains that Southern Charm viewers have chosen sides, and nothing is going to change.

“Well look, you know there’s no love lost between Patricia and Kathryn, are we agreed on that? OK, so you know, I don’t understand why it’s so gotten to the point where it is. You know what I said to somebody, watching a reunion is like watching a political debate — if you like a candidate, you’re going to see exactly what you want to see and you’re going to think that they did fine. And that the other person, you didn’t like is an asshole. So that’s how I see it.”

Shep insisted that Patricia chose not to attend the reunion, but that likely isn’t the case.

“So Patricia thought that Kathryn seems agitated and a lot of people on Twitter did, but you know that’s fine. I just can’t tell anymore. I think Patricia was happy with it. She’s most happy not to be involved. She’s a little too dignified to get in the mix with us all. She loves the show.”

But better than talk of Patricia Altschul and her part in Southern Charm was the story where Shep Rose explained the story where he got arrested while high on mushrooms playing whiffle ball in San Fransisco. Shep warned his parents that it was coming after Andy Cohen begged him to tell the story.

“Of course, the mushrooms story, I was so nervous about that. I prefaced my mom and dad was like look, of course they’re like hand in their hands I’m sure, but I was like, ‘I’ve got to be honest.’ I don’t think anyone’s gotten anywhere by being too cautious or anything. I was like, ‘It’s a really funny story.'”

It seems that Shep was doing mushrooms, playing whiffle ball, and he got picked up in a car, still high, and was taken to jail, where he was recognized for being in the cast of Southern Charm, and he was warned by another prisoner to stay away from Craig.

According to The State, Shep was apologetic for any impression he passed on that he was not respectful of women with his ‘DTF’ comment about Bailey on Southern Charm, but then he went on the reduce women to numbers, with Craig adding on, oblivious as usual, that Shep routinely goes home with twos. Must be a beer goggles thing.

Though fans can’t seem to stay angry at Shep, with his aw-shucks smile, and the way he actually defended the women at the ill-fated Thomas Ravenel Southern Charm dinner party.

Do you believe that Shep provided some much-needed comic relief at the Southern Charm reunion? Do you believe that Patricia Altschul wanted to come to the Southern Charm reunion?

[Photo by Bravo]