Video: Kevin Youkilis charges mound in Red Sox Tigers brawl

In one of the more interesting baseball brawls of recent times, Kevin Youkilis decided Tuesday that he’d had enough, and charged at the mound starting an all in brawl between the Red Sox and Tigers.

In Youkilis’ defense though, he did have a reason to be upset. In the second inning Youkilis was hit by a pitch from Porcello, the second time in the game, and as it tuned out, one time to many.

In the footage, Youkilis charges the mound after being hit, with Porcello stretching is hands out in what can only be described as a geasture that said “bring it on.” Within seconds both teams got involved, but there is one strange quirk: there appears to be little to no punching. Instead, in true man love style, the players just pile on top of each other.

In fact, the Red Sox Tigers brawl may have ended without a punch being thrown. Within 10-20 seconds, everyone is standing, and although they may have been exchanging the odd harsh word, that was the end of it.

The Kevin Youkilis charges mound in Red Sox Tigers brawl video as follows: