Pregnant Kristen Stewart Moves In With Robert Pattinson?

Twilight co-stars Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson dating rumors have always created hype in the media. Recently, a new rumor has swirled online that suggests that former couple had an amazing night together and that now Stewart is indeed pregnant.

According to Parent Herald, the onscreen chemistry between Stewart and Pattinson was the talk of the entertainment industry when they were shooting the Twilight saga. Now, the outlet has reported that, after spending few years apart from each other, Stewart and Pattinson have finally realized that if they have a child together, then all of their problems will subside. The outlet further pointed that the former star couple is already planning to have kids, as they both want to start a family together.

Well, if one follows the news of Pattinson and his fiancé FKA Twigs, then one can state that these rumors are too much, as there is nothing going on between Stewart and Pattinson. For instance, Pattinson is NOT dating Twigs; he is actually engaged with her, and the couple are indeed moving ahead in their relationship and planning to tie knots by the end of this year.

This is not the only major rumor that has surfaced online in the recent time. There was earlier speculation that, after the highly publicized breakup, the couple initially avoided each other but are now planning to star in a film together. According to Movie News Guide, there was a huge possibility that Stewart and Pattinson would feature in a new romantic movie, as both of their careers has hit low after the release of Twilight: Breaking Dawn- Part 2, and if they both want to save their falling careers then they have only this choice.

Even Gossip Cop debunked the rumors that suggested that they are finally getting back together on the big screen. The report pointed that an alleged source close to the couple, who claimed that neither of them has been in major hit films and that’s why they are planning to star in a movie together.

“Both have had little to no career success since they split. Now agents for both of them are looking for a project for them to star in together.”

Despite the claims, Gossip Cop debunked the rumors by conferring with the couple’s representatives, explaining that the possibility of an onscreen reunion is not at possible.

When in the past it was asked to the Remember Me star about him sharing screen space with his ex-girlfriend, the actor told Elle France via Hollywood Life that he is very professional, and if any story demanded the reunion, then he would have no problem with that.

“Why not? We’ll have to see. I preferred not to broach the subject.”

According to Uproxx, when it was asked to Stewart about her sharing screen with Pattinson, the actress stated that she is willing to act with him – but only if it does not jeopardize her personal life.

“I was so genuinely, heavily entrenched in that, and not in a way that felt like an obligation. Even though after the first one, which stood alone, it lasted a long time. It’s hard to speak to a five-year period in a few sentences, but I loved doing it. But that doesn’t mean I want to keep doing it. But if other people wanted to? Yeah, sure. To be honest with you, I would be interested. I’d be kind of fascinated, but it wouldn’t emotionally affect me one way or the other.”

Now, as far as this news is concerned, there is no official confirmation from Kristen Stewart or Robert Pattinson’s representatives. So, we should assume that all these pregnancies and film team-up reports are anything but rumors.

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