Macaulay Culkin Looking Better, Planning Art Show In New York [Video]

Macaulay Culkin was thought to be on the verge of death just one month ago, as his addiction to heroin and prescription drugs was spiraling out of control, but now the former child star is looking better and even opening his first art show.

The turnaround was noted by the San Francisco Chronicle, which reported that the Home Alone star had been busy making paintings with musician friends Adam Green and Toby Goodshank. The trio had been working at Macaulay Culkin’s New York City home this summer and are now ready to put their work on display at the Le Poisson Rouge.

As Us Weekly noted, the art must be having a therapeutic effect on Macaulay Culkin, who is looking much better than he did a few weeks ago.

Macaulay Culkin said he and his partners had fun creating the art, even converting his apartment into a full-fledged art studio to do so.

“We cleared out everything, laid down plastic and went a little nuts at the art supply store,” Culkin said.

The three artists call themselves Three Men and a Baby, or 3MB. The show they turned out is a group of “frenetic, eclectic and irreverent paintings entitled Leisure Inferno,” The Huffington Post reported.

Fun was the main motivation behind the art show. As Macaulay Culkin said of their creative process:

“We would take two or three words–‘disco’…’luau’…’Hellraiser‘ — and we’d all just kind of giggle about that. ‘Alright, let’s do it.’ We have no idea really what it’s going to look like, or what our grand vision is, but we would have a good old laugh and just go for it. And I think the results speak for themselves in a certain kind of way.”

It turned out some pretty interesting pieces. One, titled “RBI,” shows the video game character Luigi throwing a fireball to former Yankee Don Mattingly. Another piece called “The Cast of Seinfeld” shows Jerry and Kramer standing naked on the set of Wheel of Fortune while He-Man and Orko of Masters of the Universe draw them.

For Macaulay Culkin it’s a far cry from the condition he was in at the beginning of August, when friends told the National Enquirer that they thought he would be dead in six months from his addiction to heroin and painkillers.