‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Claudette Sparks Concerns For Maxie And Nathan, Anna Rushes To Take Down Julian Before He Catches On To Alexis, And Curtis Scores A New Job

General Hospital spoilers for Thursday’s show detail that there are dramatic confrontations on the way. Alexis has managed to get Julian to confess as she wore a wire, but will he figure out what she’s doing? Claudette has arrived in Port Charles and Nathan is anxious to push her right back out of town. Where are things headed during the July 7 episode?

As everybody saw on Wednesday, Alexis managed to get Julian to confess to quite a bit. Anna is anxious to get a warrant issued so she can intervene quickly, but that is going to take a bit of time. Previews reveal him noting that he thinks he and his wife both know where they stand now and according to We Love Soaps, Alexis will seem to manage to keep her husband from figuring out that she was recording his confession.

Claudette arrived in Port Charles, and using the name CJ, she scored a job from Maxie for Crimson. She lured Nathan to come see her and he was stunned to discover she was in town. Claudette made some remarks about not wanting to cause trouble, even though she could, and Nathan went to go check her out to send her packing. However, when he returned to the room, Maxie was there.

Nathan will ask what Maxie is doing there and General Hospital spoilers from SheKnows Soaps share that the two will quickly catch up on CJ being Claudette. They will be worried about why she is really in Port Charles and chances are good that there will be some drama and chaos on the way on this front. Maxie has already been worried about Claudette, and Nathan clearly is not happy to have her around in person. Griffin will likely catch up to this arrival soon, as well, and fans can surely expect some fireworks.

Curtis is said to score a new gig during Thursday’s episode and previews show him chatting with Nina about how important it is to not get on the bad side of the law. Curtis will happen to mention Julian’s name during this chat, and given Nina’s decision to help her boss with an alibi for the night of Carlos’ murder, this may rattle her a bit.

Kristina has been getting closer and closer to Aaron, and they will share a kiss during this next episode. However, General Hospital spoilers also note that Kristina will make an awkward mistake. It sounds as if in the heat of the moment she will utter Parker’s name. Aaron has already asked Kristina about Parker once, but she has danced around things. Will she tell him the truth now after this unfortunate slip?

Just what is Curtis’ new job? Will Anna be able to get her target behind bars before he figures out what his wife has been up to in taping his confession? Where are things headed with Claudette, Maxie, Nathan, and Griffin? Is Griffin the man who was caught in bed with Claudette as many suspect? That seems pretty clear at this point, but viewers are anxious to see this all exposed.

Viewers saw Sam and Jason finally catch up to Nikolas and Ava during Wednesday’s show, and everybody will be anxious to see if they can successfully get back to Port Charles soon to reveal Nikolas’ scheme. Friday’s episode brings more with Spencer, Laura, and Kevin regarding Spencer’s phone calls to Nikolas, and it looks like the truth will be revealed soon.

This summer still has plenty of drama set to play out and spoilers tease that there are quite a few twists and turns in the works for those throughout Port Charles. Stay tuned for more scoop regarding what comes next on General Hospital as schemes play out and relationships face big challenges in the episodes ahead.

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