British Man Accused Of Attempting To Kill Donald Trump Pleads ‘Not Guilty’

At a Las Vegas campaign rally for Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump, a British citizen reportedly attempted to grab a police officer’s gun to shoot the real-estate/development tycoon-turned politician. The young man has since pleaded not guilty on Wednesday to the U.S. federal charges brought against him.

Michael Steven Standford has received a trial date for August 22 on charges of disrupting an official function and two firearm possession counts. While in the presence of U.S. Magistrate Judge Cam Ferenbach, the 20-year-old was asked whether he was aware of the nature of charges against him. The young man could potentially face up to 30 years in prison if he is found guilty. The Associated Press shares the words of Standford to the query by the judge.

“He responded, ‘Yes, I do.’ “

Attorneys for the young man, Brenda Weksler and Ryan Norwood, refrained from commenting when outside the courtroom.

The accused has been in custody since June 18, when he was brought in for the criminal act following the rally that was held at Treasure Island hotel-casino in Las Vegas. An additional magistrate judge commented on the concerns for Standford’s mental health. The AP notes reasons for these concerns.

“Another magistrate judge acknowledged during Sandford’s first court appearance on June 20 that his mental health may be an issue. A federal public defender representing him at that time said Sandford previously attempted suicide and once ran away from a hospital in England, but that he was competent for court proceedings.”

When friends and family were questioned about the accused and his history of mental issues, they shared that he has been treated for obsessive compulsive disorder as well as anorexia, yet stated that he is very intelligent. However, signs of Asperger’s syndrome had become more apparent as he aged. His father shared that Michael moved to New Jersey from Britain a year and a half ago. Federal agents relay that Standford admitted to driving from San Bernardino, California, to Las Vegas, where he spent a day at a gun range practicing shooting prior to attending the rally one day later.

While at the rally, officers state that Michael Standford grabbed at a Las Vegas police officer’s weapon before being handcuffed. Donald Trump publicly thanked officials while on stage at the rally, in front of the theater that was filled with over 1,500 attendees. The AP shares additional accusations against the Brit.

“Sandford also is accused of overstaying his U.S. entry visa by about nine months. U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement authorities said they’ve lodged a detainer against him to take action on the immigration violation if he’s released from jail.”

Although Donald Trump continues to blaze along on his campaign to take the presidency, it is no mystery that he has gained a massive amount of critics and those who simply detest his arrogance and offensive statements. The real-estate and development big shot has a large support system backing his efforts. However, along with Standford, Trump is pretty well hated by the majority of women in the U.S. and, as the Guardian notes, he is running out of time to win over the fairer of the sexes. The publication shares a strategy that Trump has resorted to in order to attempt to right his vast amounts of wrongs thus far.

“Hoping for a miracle, the Trump campaign has hired Kellyanne Conway, a pollster best known for her work on female voters and for training Republican men to stop saying stupid things about rape and abortion. An appropriate addition, considering that a representative of the Independent Women’s Forum has called Trump ‘Todd Akin on steroids’, a reference to the former Missouri representative who will be forever remembered for his assertion that women can’t get pregnant from ‘legitimate rape.’ “