July 7, 2016
Zac Efron Can’t Hide ‘Undeniable Sadness’ In New Movies Like ‘Mike And Dave’

Zac Efron has been releasing new movies non-stop this summer, but somehow that "undeniable sadness" in his life is leaking onto the silver screens. Even in Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates, the critics are spotting that age-old pattern in the High School Musical alum playing roles that show him as the boy toy who can't seem to grow up.

"Yes, he's rich and famous and hyperbolically sexy, a guy whose muscles test the pliability of human skin and who surely visits many thirsty millennials in their nocturnal fantasies," reports the Week. "But under that swath of tan, veiny flesh and behind that piercing glare, there's an undeniable sadness."

"We now know that Efron was overcoming substance abuse during production, and it's impossible to not think about that indescribable struggle when watching the mania swell in his eyes," the same article continued. "Efron is drawn to roles about people trying to escape the banality of their lives, or who are unable to escape, especially artists harboring ambitions they can't seem to reach."

It is true that the actor is hoping that he will, sometime in the future, get to play roles that don't always fall into the stereotype of a pretty frat boy.

"I would love to gain 30 pounds and play an aging rock star," Zac said in an interview with Us Weekly. "That'd be an awesome transformation."

Recently, his fans noticed that he started to look a lot different than he used to, triggering rumors of plastic surgery.

"The actor showed his support for the Orlando shooting victims in a touching Instagram photo — but fans couldn't help but notice his, uh, plump pout," reports In Touch Weekly. "To see the startling difference, here's a side-by-side of Zac at a press event just last month compared with yesterday's Instagram post. In the comments section, a few fans are speculating that the actor received fillers, but he hasn't admitted to getting plastic surgery."

One commenter wrote, "It's so insane how his entire f*****g facial structure changed."

He also changed up his hairdo, dyeing the tips blonde and keeping the side short.

It's no secret that the Mike and Dave actor is going through some tough times after his breakup from Sami Miro. To counter that, he has been committing himself to work and workouts.

"Since calling it quits with Miró after nearly two years of dating, Efron, 28, has been diving into work," reports People Magazine. "The actor is currently filming Baywatch and promoting his upcoming film Neighbors 2: Sorority Rising, out May 20. "Zac tends to keep to himself and doesn't seem to hang out with his coworkers often," a source tells PEOPLE."

Despite all his good efforts, he still seems to be having trouble. Zac reacted to the split pretty badly by removing "all photos of Miró from his Instagram and stopped following her social media," according to People.

The fact that his ex-girlfriend has been going out with other guys so soon after the breakup has probably not eased his mind very much.

"Sami Miro was spotted letting her hair down on Tuesday night, enjoying a dinner date in the company of handsome DJ Alex Andre at ROKU Sunset in West Hollywood," reported the Daily Mail in early May. "The newly-single model was dressed to impress for her night on the town, donning a black bodycon minidress."

However, Zac Efron is doing his best by working hard, hanging out with all his bros, and keeping positivity alive on his social media accounts.

Check Adam and Zac having a load of fun promoting Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates!

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[Photo by Dan Steinberg/AP Images]