Lisa Vanderpump Returning For ‘RHOBH’ And ‘Vanderpump Rules’

It seems that the rumors of Lisa Vanderpump’s exit from The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills have been greatly exaggerated, as she is in the process of negotiating a comeback to RHOBH and Vanderpump Rules for more money. Vanderpump also wants much of her charity work to be part of her storyline, which each of the housewives select in advance.

According to the Inquisitr, Lisa Vanderpump has been on RHOBH for the long haul and has witnessed many dramas with other cast members who have left the show, including Kim Richards, who escaped rehab, and Vanderpump and Camille Grammar were drawn in when asked to comment. Both women suggested that with the problems she was facing in her personal life, they thought it was better if she stayed as far away from RHOBH as possible.

The Daily Mail is confirming that Lisa Vanderpump will indeed be back for the next season of The Real Housewives and Vanderpump Rules.

“Yep, never thought I would return, but after many discussions. The pump is still in the game. Thank you to all of you,” Vanderpump tweeted.

Lisa Vanderpump was allegedly reluctant to return to RHOBH because she felt that in the last season, the other women ganged up on her. Then Vanderpump claimed she wasn’t sure she had the time because of her charitable concerns, which include getting rid of the Yelin dog meat market in China.

But Vanderpump found a compromise, as the producers of RHOBH promised to include more of Vanderpump’s work with LGBT concerns on the show. Ken Todd, Lisa Vanderpump’s husband, convinced her that she should do another season.

“Ken convinced her to do this season, she needed some arm pulling.”

Bravo also sweetened the deal with a seven-figure salary. But with Lisa Vanderpump returning, others are leaving. Yolanda Hadid was demoted back to a friend of the housewives, and that was not to her liking. As a result, she gave the RHOBH producers an ultimatum: Either she is made a full member of RHOBH, or she walks. Yolanda Hadid is no longer part of RHOBH. Perhaps that’s where Bravo found the money for the boost in salary.

But She Knows says that if Lisa Vanderpump leaves RHOBH, the show is done, and that is the genius of Lisa Vanderpump. They claim that RHOBH needs Lisa Vanderpump far more than Vanderpump needs RHOBH — or Bravo for that matter — as she has enough money and active businesses.

She Knows claims that Vanderpump brings something to the show that few housewives bring to the series.

“She’s stylish and classy, sure, but she’s also bawdy and has that cheeky British sense of humor, which makes things interesting and adds an unexpected twist. Vanderpump sitting in her extravagant closet alone is worth tuning in for, and the show will have a gaping hole in it without her.”

They also claim that if Vanderpump leaves, then at least half of the viewership would leave with her.

Perez Hilton says that though Lisa Vanderpump insisted she was not interested in coming back to RHOBH, it seems that she only needed some time to think to change her mind. Her fans were in shock and called out to her to reconsider on social media. It must have been a factor, because when Lisa Vanderpump decided to return, she first posted on Twitter to tell her followers she was coming back for RHOBH Season 7.

Are you glad to hear that Lisa Vanderpump will be returning to RHOBH and Vanderpump Rules for another season? Would you have watched RHOBH if Lisa Vanderpump left?

[Photo by Matt Winkelmeyer/Getty Images]