Strange Clouds Over CERN Spark Fear And Conspiracy Theories [Video]

Some seriously strange clouds have been photographed over the CERN Large Hadron Collider (LHC) near the Franch/Swiss border in Geneva, Switzerland. The clouds over CERN are so strange, in fact, that some conspiracy buffs honestly believe that CERN is getting ready to tear open a hole to another dimension.

CERN has been the subject of conspiracy theory fodder since before it ever started up. Well before the beginning, science-haters and conspiracy theorists around the world (and from every dark corner of the Internet) slammed CERN as a portal to hell, science run amok, and something too far beyond human understanding to be within the realm of human control.

Yet science chose science, as it frequently does, and CERN was built. Then it was started up. And the world’s largest subatomic particle smasher has lived up to both its expensive price tag and lofty scientific aspirations. Using CERN, the Higgs boson went from being theoretical to being agreed upon scientific reality.

Still, the conspiracy theories surrounding CERN persist, and these newly released viral photos of strange clouds in the sky above the facility have conspiracy tongues wagging, reports Express UK.

According to the video above, the photographs that recently went viral were taken on June 24. Coincidentally (or maybe not, if CERN conspiracy theorists are to be believed), that was the same day that CERN began a new experiment called “Awake.” The Awake experiment is allowing CERN scientists to smash particles together in a completely new way. Internet conspiracy theorists seem to believe that the strange clouds above CERN, shown in the photos, are a direct result of the Awake experiment.
Many conspiracy theorists believe that the strange clouds above CERN could be the precursors to a portal opening between this dimension and some other, unknown and previously unexplored dimension. Or perhaps a parallel universe. The title of the YouTube video is “What Portal did CERN Open Now? Strange Clouds Hover Above the LHC,” and it is the product of a “religious conspiracy theory” channel on the popular video-sharing site. According to the makers of the video featuring the strange clouds above CERN, the sighting raises serious concerns about what’s really going on in Switzerland.
The editor of the video of the clouds above CERN assures viewers that the photographs of the strange clouds are authentic. Reportedly, the photos have been “forensically researched.”

“It is not a background you can get on Google. It is an actual picture taken on June 24 2016. It is directly over CERN, and the cloud formation is very interesting. The energy that is being produced, you can actually see that minus the lightening strikes.”

According to the video’s narrator, everyone watching the YouTube film (and/or who sees the photos of the strange clouds above CERN) should be concerned about what’s going on in the sky above the LHC. He even goes so far as to question CERN’s energy usage and to ask if CERN is the root cause of the strange and extreme weather plaguing the world.

Because a CERN inter-dimensional portal makes way more sense than humanity-caused climate change.

“Is it a coincidence they had just started the Awake experiment?”

Freedom Fighter Times, who narrates the video about the strange clouds above CERN, says that some people saw “faces” in the strange clouds. He blames CERN scientists for “messing with nature.”

The CERN LHC is the biggest and most powerful machine in the world. Ever. It was designed to accelerate subatomic particles almost to the speed of light, then smash them together. In theory, this works a bit like a car accident. When the particles smash into one another, they break into smaller pieces and/or tiny pieces break off. Scientists record and observe these collisions, and even mainstream scientists agree that it is possible that CERN could provide the secret to unlocking the knowledge of parallel universes and unknown dimensions.

CERN is only one of the world’s particle accelerators currently performing similar experiments. However, CERN is the largest and most powerful. As such, it’s capable of performing experiments smaller particle accelerators can’t match.

CERN scientists and creators, of course, deny that the strange clouds above the facility have anything to do with the LHC.
[Photo by Jeff J Mitchell/Getty Images]