‘Battlefield 1’: An Early Breakdown Of Assault And Medic Class

More information concerning Battlefield 1 has been released.

Classes in first-person shooters have become common, and EA’s latest has revealed details about the classes that will be included when the World War I game releases. We get to take a look at two of the roles that will define the outcome of battle. SegmentNext reports on the classes, and footage is plentiful for those wanting to study and find what class will best suit them.

Battlefield 1 will include the “Medic” class, a self-explanatory role that will put players in the thick of healing and mending allies through blazing guns and explosive attack. Of course, medics are considered a critical part of any team. They can make the difference between life and death, and they can preserve a team in order to guarantee that lines are held and key positions aren’t breached. Expanding on this, we get to take a look at how Battlefield 1 and its medic class will work. Since the setting is in World War I, technology will not be as advanced as previous shooters have presented. Instead, medics will use drugs, syringes, and other basic tools to aid allies.

In a report by RockPaperShotgun, YouTuber Westie has uploaded a video that shows the Medic class in action. The video is a little over seven minutes long, and it details multiple aspects of the medic class and the play style it holds. We see that the medic is able to engage hostiles in the thick of battle, but they also come with a plethora of ways to heal and revive teammates that have fallen. It goes without saying that medics will be partially responsible for the flow of battle, increasing morale with every life maintained and revived. This will also mean that they will be made primary targets, or opposition won’t get to enjoy the fruit of their labor for long.

The Battlefield 1 medics also show that they’re able to drop medic bags for players, giving them the option to patch their health and continue the fight. They also appear to possess the ability to repair vehicles, though this skill seems to be strange by some standards. Gone is the Engineer class, so it makes sense that another role would have to take up the responsibility of patching up transport. Assault and medic properties have been divided, giving incentive to play each class more specifically to their target style and mastering the craft of their skills.

Battlefield 1 also discusses the “Assault” class, another role that will be included for players. Judging by its name, this class will be a master of combat. Armed with weapons that will be able to handle both infantry and vehicles, the assault class is responsible for cutting down the enemy and opening the way for teammates to advance. It goes without saying that the assault class will most likely be at the front lines when battle begins, and their inventory will make them ideal for close quarters engagement.

It goes without saying that every team composition will require multiple classes in order to successfully engage the enemy, though this is more speculation than fact. Battlefield 1 gives players the luxury to choose, an important aspect of enjoying the online experience.

The action in Battlefield 1 also details the use of grenades and guns that we see, ranging from those that have hip fire accuracy and those that are designed to deal damage from a distance. Each class will come equipped with a plethora of weapons and tools, further defining the pace that each match will hold.

Battlefield 1 is set to release on October 21 of this year, only three months away.

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[Image Via EA DICE]