Blake Lively’s Ex Penn Badgley Reacts To Wedding News

Penn Badgley moves up on the list of “celebrities with class” today after congratulating former longtime love Blake Lively on her marriage to actor Ryan Reynolds. Upon hearing of the celebrity couple’s quiet marriage ceremony, Badgley, who dated Lively from 2007 to 2010, said “I’m happy for her. Genuinely happy.”

Multiple sources have confirmed that 25-year-old Blake Lively married 35-year-old actor and boyfriend of one year Ryan Reynolds ins quiet ceremony at the Boone Hall Plantation in Mount Pleasant, South Carolina. Reacting to the news on Monday, Lively’s ex-boyfriend Penn Badgley told Us Weekly that he is genuinely happy for Lively.

Badgley admits that he didn’t know that the marriage was confirmed, and that he learned the news on Sunday night with everyone else. “[People] were like, ‘Hey, did you hear that Blake’s getting married?’ I was like, ‘OK, great!'” continuing, “Obviously people are going try to connect us in ways in which we’re not connected anymore. But it’s great. I’m happy for her.”

Badgley has plenty to celebrate in his own life anyway, notes Yahoo!News. He’s getting rave reviews for his portrayal of late musician Jeff Buckley in the film Greetings from Tim Buckley. Anthrax bassist Frank Bells, who plays Richard Hell in the film, said that “When Penn did that record-store scene, I was like f—ing go for it dude. And he literally went for it. He let go. He became that character . . . Penn went for it. And he got it.”

Badgley and Lively co-star on Gossip Girl, which enters its 6th and final season in early October. Badgley is currently dating actress Zoe Kravitz.