Melania Trump Spokesperson: White House Exorcism Reports About Obama, Clinton Demons And Idols Aren't True

First Lady Melania Trump gained a lot of attention this week when Pastor Paul Begley claimed that Melania commanded people to perform exorcisms and oil-slinging prayer rituals in order to get rid of demons in the White House left over from the Obama and Clinton eras.

As reported by the Inquisitr, Begley claimed that Melania used the five-hour break that she was away from the White House during President Donald Trump's inauguration day to have people pack up idols and pray to get rid of bad spirits in the White House, leaving only a single cross on the wall when done.

However, according to Seattle PI, Stephanie Grisham says that none of the pastor's claims are true. Melania's spokeswoman said the reports of Melania ordering a ceremony to rid the White House of demons are "not true in any way." The claims from the Indiana pastor were met with skepticism after being announced by the radio host Paul Begley, who made his claims about Melania without citing his source.

The pastor also claimed that Mrs. Trump said she wasn't going to step one foot in the White House until the prayer ritual had happened, which he claimed was completed in five hours. However, the pastor neglected to mention that it took Melania approximately 145 days after Trump's inauguration day to actually move into the White House with Barron Trump in tow.Nevertheless, the reports about the exorcism and demon-cleaning of the White House received praise and kudos from some of Melania's Christian supporters online while others derided the first lady in a similar manner that former first lady Nancy Reagan received when reports surfaced that tied her to astrology, as reported by the Los Angeles Times.

Melania Trump didn't have the White House cleansed of demons and idols.
Melania Trump didn't have the White House cleansed of demons and idols.

The pastor went into detail about supposed idols that were left over from Mr. and Mrs. Obama, along with alleged details about Bill and Hillary Clinton, and the fact that they took their honeymoon vacation in Haiti. The pastor claimed that Bill and Hillary had witchcraft and demons attached to them from watching certain rituals in Haiti and claimed that they even had a witch doctor with them on their honeymoon, telling his listeners to reference a certain book about the topic, as can be heard in the above audio.