Katy Perry Tops Lady Gaga And Justin Bieber On Twitter

Katy Perry is the Queen of Pop — at least on Twitter. She hasn’t put an album out since 2013’s Prism, but she still manages to be a major force in pop culture and social media.

Actually, Katy Perry has more Twitter followers than any other person alive. People has the news.

“Chart-topping pop star, CoverGirl and now, Twitter’s most followed tweeter. Katy Perry reached over 90 million followers, and Twitter took to, well, Twitter, to share the news. The pop star, 31, had her account hacked over a month ago, but that’s not stopping Twitter from partying in the name of Perry.”

It’s obvious that Ms. Perry was following her record-breaking achievement on Friday.

However, many of the commenters after the article aren’t impressed with Perry’s latest achievement.

“She’s as dull as dirty dishwater and about as talented. Paying for followers?” a guest commenter asked.

“So, being named the person most followed on Twitter, is that a good thing? It is hard to see it as such given that what begins in idiocy and ends in an even greater idiocy ranks as a greatness based strictly on the participation level,” said Schlaumeier56.

Katy Perry Twitter

Lady Gaga, who had the most Twitter followers four years ago, has fallen to No. 7. Some Little Monsters are not too happy about Perry’s latest achievement — and that’s an understatement.

Perhaps Lady Gaga fans shouldn’t be too angry. After all, some say that people should take the amount of Twitter followers one has with a grain of salt, especially since followers can be bought so easily. Social Times wrote an article about it in 2013.

“Seeing as there are an estimated 20 million fake Twitter accounts, it’s no surprise that many celebrities’ follower counts are padded with false profiles and bots. That said, some A-listers have more fake followers than others.”

The article adds that Shakira, Britney Spears, and Taylor Swift had the most fake followers at the time. However, Lady Gaga, Justin Timberlake, and Adele had a lot of fake followers at the time as well. Since then, the exaggerated amount of Twitter followers each artist claims has increased.

Katy Perry will no doubt increase her lead on Twitter in the coming months as she prepares to release new music. According to Digital Spy, Perry’s new song may drop as early as next month. She has been in the studio with British DJ Duke Dumont and even recorded “Every Day Is a Holiday” for Ms. Perry’s H&M Christmas campaign late last year. Digital Spy expects her to record new material with hot producer Max Martin as well.

According to Radar Online, Perry’s new album may have a Taylor Swift diss track.

“The 31-year-old singer is currently in the process of creating her new album, which will be complete with a T-Swift diss track! ‘Katy Perry’s new album is on the way and she’s been buried in meetings with her label execs over at Capitol to make sure it blows her competition out of the water,’ an insider told Radar exclusively.”

Excitement over the next chapter in Katy Perry’s musical career has been brewing on Twitter.

There are some music fans who consider Perry’s last album a flop since it didn’t live up to the success of Perry’s previous album, Teenage Dream, which broke all sorts of records in the music industry. Still, Prism spawned two number one hits — “Roar” and “Dark Horse.” Are you looking forward to Katy Perry’s next album? Let us know in the comments section.

[Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images]