Why This Baby Girl Was Allegedly Poisoned To Death By Her Own Grandma, Who Then Stole The Baby’s Body

What could ever cause a grandmother to look into the innocent eyes of her son’s baby girl and plot to murder her with poison, or in any other way, for that matter? What could a small baby girl do to deserve the wrath of her grandma to the point of death?

In a violent and shocking act in Uganda last month, a grandma allegedly poisoned her own baby granddaughter because she was angry with the baby girl’s mother.

It seems the baby girl was caught in the crossfire of a feud between her mother and her grandmother, much like a casualty of war. According to Christian Daily, Christians are widely persecuted in Uganda by the large Muslim population. It appears even Christian family members are not exempt from the wrath of the Muslim side of the family.

Apparently, the Christian mother of the baby girl, Saidha Namwase, angered her Muslim mother-in-law when the family was supposed to be observing a fast for Ramadan. The Indian Express states that during Ramadan, those of the Muslim faith fast from dawn until dusk, every day for a month. This year, the fasting season was observed from June 5 to July 5. The fast is so strict that nothing, not even a sip of water, can be consumed from sunup to sundown.

This graphic shows the extent of terror attacks throughout Ramadan 2016 https://t.co/bNYdnbaQ8Ypic.twitter.com/aHdCHKpYIK

— CNN (@CNN) July 5, 2016

Although young children, especially those suffering an illness, and people of other faiths are not required to participate in the fast, the grandmother, Nubu Kiiza, became enraged when her daughter-in-law, who is a Christian, was caught eating during the day while the others were fasting.

Angel Nabirye, the baby girl’s mom, explained to her mother-in-law that she did not mean any disrespect, but the baby was sick, and she was eating so she could adequately breastfeed her baby girl through her illness. In an interview with Morning Star News, Angel detailed the actions leading up to her baby girl being poisoned.

“My mother-in-law questioned me for eating food with my baby during Ramadan, and I told her that the baby was unwell and needs breastfeeding.”

The mother-in-law took the feud to Angel’s husband, Ayubu Meddie Kamwa, a Muslim like the rest of his family. It is unclear how Kamwa reacted to this news. Angel said the very next day, she received a visit from Nubu, supposedly out of concern for the baby girl.

“She brought some herbs for my baby, Saidha Namwase, which I gave her. After three hours, the condition of the baby worsened, and I rushed her to Iganga Hospital, but she was pronounced dead on arrival at 4 p.m.”

Angel says the baby girl was tested to find the cause of death, and the doctor confirmed that she had been poisoned. Immediately, she thought of the herbs the baby girl’s grandma had brought earlier that day.

As if a baby girl poisoned by her own grandma isn’t horrific enough, the family then brought home the baby’s body, wishing to bury it right away as is their custom. Nabirye refused, wanting to wait until her own family arrived before burying the tiny body.

She endured some intense bullying before her Christian family members arrived. When they were all together, Angel says they were served tea infused with chloroform, and they fell into a deep sleep. When they finally came around from their drug induced slumber, they could not find the baby girl’s body. While they were searching for her, Angel’s husband and his family allegedly began to beat her and her relatives for daring to disrespect Ramadan.

The Christian family members refused to leave until they recovered the baby girl’s body. The alleged assault continued until neighbors stepped in the put an end to it, and the police were called.

Authorities arrested Angel’s husband, his parents, and an imam who was present. The poisoned baby girl’s body was never found.

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