Lisa Vanderpump Leaving ‘Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills’?

Season 7 of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills is in the works, and almost all the contracts are signed. Almost. There is one that remains to be signed, and it belongs to Lisa Vanderpump. TMZ is reporting that her contract may remain unsigned.

Vanderpump has complained to producers about last season, but that isn’t the reason she is holding out on committing to another season of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. It seems that the reason she may opt out this year is that she simply is too busy.

Lisa Vanderpump is indeed a busy woman. She spends a great deal of time on her other reality show, Vanderpump Rules. The cast features the staff of one of Lisa’s three restaurants, Sur, and has recently wrapped its fourth season. As if two reality shows and three restaurants aren’t enough, 55-year-old Vanderpump has also recently joined an effort to stop the use of dog meat in China.

If Lisa Vanderpump does leave RHOBH, she won’t be the first to have exited the reality show for Season 7. A few weeks ago, another Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star left. Yolanda Hadid quit reportedly because she learned that she would not be featured as a housewife in the new season, but instead would be cast as a friend of the housewives. While someone quitting is never a pleasant thing, there are reportedly no bad feelings between Hadid and Bravo producers.

Rumors about Lisa Vanderpump leaving the show have been circulating for months now. The reason that many thought Lisa may leave, however, was not that she is too busy, but rather that she is upset with how she was treated by fellow cast members last season. Vanderpump took to her Bravo blog to express how she felt.

“So as the sun sets on the Hills of Beverly, the shade is cast in my direction. It has been so hurtful, so I decided not to watch as I have no interest having lived through it once. But I encourage you to watch closely as some delusional characters play out this exhausting scenario.”

On her blog, Lisa also said, “So I bid you farewell as the curtain drops on the final act.”

This fueled speculation that she was done with RHOBH. She seemed genuinely hurt over what transpired over the last season. Vanderpump talked about feeling manipulated and hurt by Lisa Rinna.

“Times when violence has transpired, insidiously aggressive texts have been sent, were all swept aside as the friendship superseded her actions, and I turned a blind eye. Because that is what you do in moments of doubt. You don’t doubt your friend.

“No longer am I blind, I have seen all I need to. I have complete clarity in regard to their ambitious agenda, their agenda to isolate me from the group, and they have been successful in their endeavor. ED, well I didn’t know her, but LR saddens me…I lament the light-hearted banter we used to enjoy, and I am still mystified how a friendship can be so disposable…”

So while the departure of Lisa Vanderpump from The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills would not be a surprise, the factor that gets her to that final decision may be her busy schedule. By all accounts, Vanderpump has a lot on her plate, and if she was on the fence about whether or not to sign on for next year, it may have been the thing that pushed Lisa over the edge and helped her make a decision to leave.

Bravo has not yet announced a date for the premiere of Season 7 of RHOBH.

[Photo by Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images]