'Finding Dory' Continues Reign And Tops The U.S. Box Office For Its Third Week Beating 'The BFG' And 'The Legend Of Tarzan'

Little Dory continues her reign over the box office and has secured the top spot in the box office for the third week in a row. Finding Dory is Pixar's sequel to the much loved Finding Nemo and the film is still making big waves. Watch the Finding Dory trailer below.

Finding Dory continues to reign as the highest grossing film out at the moment in the U.S. despite two other much anticipated blockbusters being released. The Legend of Tarzan and The BFG have hit the box office as well but are not making a splash next to Finding Dory.

The Disney-Pixar film raked in more than $50 million at the box office according to four-day weekend estimates for the U.S. and Canada, pushing its cumulative domestic earnings to almost $381 million and making it the fifth-highest-grossing North American animated release of all time. Finding Dory has received mostly rave reviews across the U.S.

"If 'Finding Dory' lacks the fresh surprise of its predecessor, it still brims with humor, heart and animation miracles," Rolling Stone said of Finding Dory.

The reign of Dory is set to continue but its animated counterpart, The BFG, is not faring so well.

"Rylance is not a box office draw...Those huge ears, beady eyes and a wrinkled face - 'The BFG' had to overcome its appearance to win over family audiences. Clearly the 'adoryble' baby Dory is more of a draw." The Wrap said of the Spieldberg directed adaption of the much loved Roald Dahl novel of the same name.

Disney is frustrated that The BFG is not getting as much praise as it should be or earning as much money as what was initially predicted.

"It's a frustrating thing when the responses that you've had to the film, from that very first screening we had a Cannes through the great exit responses reflected by the CinemaScore, are disconnected from having the box office as big as you'd hope that it would be," Disney distribution head Dave Hollis said.

The BFG brought in just $22.3 million, falling $8 million short of early weekend projections, but not all reviews of the film are bad; The Wall Street Journal praised Spielberg and the film.

"Spielberg uses digital wizardry to throw dreams of friendship and adventure on the big screen, and what marvelous dreams they are - funny, grotesque and tender, as well as spectacular."
Watch Disney's The BFG trailer below.
The Legend of Tarzan is managing to hold its own weight against the little fish and is aimed at a slightly older audience than Dory and The BFG.

The Legend of Tarzan, which raked in $14 million on Friday, is expected to have earned $40 million by Monday and is doing better than expected. The David Yates-directed movie, starring Alexander Skarsgård and Margot Robbie is a more adult version of the much loved Edgar Rice Burroughs' 1912 creation. Watch the The Legend of Tarzan trailer below.

The film that took everyone by surprise though is Universal's The Purge: Election Year which exceeded everyone's expectations and has already earned $34.8 million, smashing its $10-million production budget.

"'The Purge: Election Year' is one of the few sequels that's not family-oriented or based on a comic book that will outperform the last film in the series," said Nick Carpou, Universal's president of domestic distribution. "In fact, the CinemaScore [B-plus] is better than the other two films, so audiences are satisfied coming out. It's a success story all the way around, even here as we are in the middle of it."

Despite being somewhat of a Cinderella story The Purge: Election Year is not popular enough to surpass Dory's continued reign.

Top takings as of Independence Day according to the BBC are as follows:

1. Finding Dory - $41.9m
2. The Legend of Tarzan - $38.1m
3. The Purge: Election Year - $30.9m
4. The BFG - $19.6m
5. Independence Day: Resurgence - $16.5m
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