Marzena Rogalska: TV Presenter Gets Impaled By A Nail During Live Performance Of Magic Trick [Video]

Alap Naik Desai - Author

Jan. 3 2018, Updated 3:03 p.m. ET

A TV presenter was impaled by a nail that was used in a magic trick. The Polish television host, Marzena Rogalska, was participating in a performance by a magician and was struck in the palm during a live performance that went terribly wrong.

Morning TV host Marzena Rogalska was hurt when she was accidentally impaled in her right hand during a magic trick that went wrong. The magic trick was performed by ‘Poland’s Got Talent’ semi-finalist Marcin Połoniewicz.

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Rogalska got much more than she bargained for when she bravely agreed to participate in a game that involved risking one’s hand getting impaled by a large nail. The game, along the lines of Russian roulette, encourages participants to slam their hands down hard on paper bags one by one. While this may seem simple, the catch is very deadly. Perhaps hidden beneath one of the paper bags is a large nail that is waiting to pierce the hand that strikes it. The trick, of course, is to strike all the paper bags, except the one that contains the nail.

The magician, a popular contestant on Poland’s Got Talent, laid out the trick in front of live audiences on the popular morning show called “Pytanie Na Sniadanie,” which translated in English, stands for “Question for Breakfast.” For the seemingly dangerous magic trick, Połoniewicz placed four empty brown paper bags on the table and then showed a rather large and menacing looking nail to the audience and asked Rogalska to feel it in order to confirm it was indeed real and not some flexible decoy. He then placed the nail in one of the paper bags. Thereafter he collected all the bags and turned out to “shuffle” them, before placing them in seemingly random order on the platform.

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The entire video is in polish. The magician asks presenter Marzena Rogalska something along the following lines.

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“Hey, how would you like to risk impaling your hand on a nail?”

- Blockquote close

With a clear expression of utter reluctance, Rogalska agrees. Połoniewicz then slams his hand on one of the paper bags, flattening it. Then it was the TV presenter’s turn. Interestingly, the magician didn’t allow Rogalska to choose the bag she intended to flatten, reportedCnet. Połoniewicz picked out a bag for her and slammed her hand down hard. However, instead of flattening the bag, Rogalska let out an ear-piercing shriek.

Marzena was expected to choose the right bag to slam her hand onto — a task seemingly fraught with danger as one of them contained a hidden nail, reportedThe Sun. It is apparent that she failed.

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The paper bag that the TV presenter attempted to flatten had the nail that seemingly impaled her. Video of the failed magic trick soon appeared online, and the presenter did not appear on-air for the rest of the program, reported Perth Now.

According to a statement issued by the TVP channel, the magic trick was performed before the live performance on TV. During the rehearsal, the trick went flawlessly. It is not clear why the trick failed the second time, but the TV presenter paid dearly for the error. After the accident, Rogalska was rushed to a nearby hospital, where doctors examined her and determined the injury wasn’t deep. The superficial wound was cleaned and bandaged.

The reporter was discharged from the hospital after a few hours. Members of the audience said she was very lucky to have escaped a grave injury. Doctors merely administered antibiotics and a tetanus shot before letting the poor reporter go.

Needless to say, the video of the accident has gone viral. Many regional people have apparently spewed their anger at Marcin Połoniewicz for impaling their dear Polish TV presenter, Marzena Rogalska.

[Image via YouTube Screenshot]


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