One Direction’s Louis Tomlinson Set For The Fight Of His Life

As one of the most recognizable faces in the world, Louis Tomlinson has a fight on his hands. One Direction star Louis is the subject of thousands of tabloid inches on a daily basis and many stories about Tomlinson are based on rumor, speculation, and occasionally out and out fantasy. For the most part, Tomlinson treats the media as a necessary evil. Louis knows that in a world of 24-hour news, fresh stories are needed quickly, on an almost hourly basis. Louis doubtless understands that the world has an obsession with celebrity and that he is in the public eye.

In the social media age, it is almost impossible for new bands to gain the exposure they need to become commercially successful. Tomlinson and his One Direction bandmates understand this better than most, they were the first globally successful band of the social media age. There is a price to pay for that exposure and that price is the loss of privacy.

Tomlinson may be a mega-rich superstar but wealth does not protect Louis from the attacks in the less savory press. As reported in Inquisitr recently, it seems that Louis feels it necessary to go to court to establish a more formal access arrangement to Freddie Tomlinson. Louis reportedly believes that the child’s mother, Briana Jungwirth, has been inconsistent with regards to his access to Freddie. According to Sugarscape, Louis’ relationship with Briana Jungwirth has hit rock bottom. It has widely been claimed that the underlying reason for the tension is that Jungwirth is jealous of Tomlinson’s new girlfriend, Danielle Campbell.

According to People magazine, a source claims that Jungwirth expected a proper relationship with Louis and is upset that he has moved on.

“Before Briana got pregnant, she was bragging to friends about how serious she was with Louis. She thought it was going to be a real relationship.

“When Louis started dating Danielle, Briana was upset and that’s when the drama started.”

Tomlinson watchers will be aware that over the weekend Louis asked the paparazzi to respect his privacy, especially when it comes to little Freddie. Tomlinson wants Freddie to be able to enjoy “a normal, private and protected childhood.”

Of course the instinct to protect the young is something that is inherent in all of us, but its this challenge that will give 24-year-old Tomlinson the biggest and most important fight of his life. If you have a look at some of today’s headlines, you will understand why the fight for privacy will be such a difficult one for Tomlinson.

TMZ claims that Louis will drop his court case if Briana will allow him to pre-approve which pictures of Freddie are posted on social media. Seriously, does anyone believe that Tomlinson would be so small-minded as to launch a court battle over what pictures of his son go on Twitter?

It is sad for both Tomlinson and Jungwirth that she found herself pregnant after the very briefest of flings. The bottom line is that there is now a five-month old child at the center of their dispute and that child’s needs are paramount. All too often children are used as a weapon between fighting couples. The end result is that children are all too often damaged by the bitterness of parents towards each other. Tomlinson comes from a large and loving family, there is every reason to believe he will be a great dad.

Jungwirth is reportedly delighting in motherhood, and presumably both Louis and Briana want Freddie to enjoy every happiness. All too often bitterness and spite get in the way of good intentions, and ultimately the child is the one who suffers most. If reports that Briana’s jealousy has led to her denying Tomlinson access to his son are true, it would be all too easy for Louis to respond in the same way.

Down that road lies years of misery for everyone involved. Tomlinson’s big challenge is to find a way to resolve the issues amicably, even if that does mean a court case. No-one would suggest that this will be easy, especially for someone like Louis who lives in a bubble of media speculation. It is not in Tomlinson’s, or indeed anyones, interest to see this scene played out in the media.

Finding a way to resolve his personal difficulties whilst maintaining his privacy may just be the biggest battle that Louis Tomlinson will ever face.

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