Kim Kardashian Tired Of Fighting Kanye West Battles, Readying Divorce Papers Amid Split Rumors

Kim Kardashian is allegedly exhausted from having to stand by Kanye West’s side and fight his battles all the time.

The reality star, who is known to refrain herself from arguing with Hollywood celebs, has often found herself fighting with the likes of Amber Rose and Bette Midler over social media because of the reckless things her husband has done to ignite pointless feuds.

Kanye’s latest controversy came with the release of his “Famous” music video, where he alludes to the idea of having had an orgy with Taylor Swift, Donald Trump, Anna Wintour, and more.

Reports at the time claimed that Taylor was left fuming because it almost seemed as if Kanye was trying to ruin her reputation, with one source alleging that the pop star might still file a lawsuit against the rapper for defamation. She and Kanye have had their issues regarding the context of the song, but having her featured as a wax figure in the music video was the icing on the cake — Taylor thinks the rapper is totally out of line with his latest stunt.

While Kim was rather supportive of her husband following the release of the music video, she now sees why Taylor and other celebrities are fuming over their portrayal in the visual. A source alleges that Kim shows her support for Kanye in public, but behind the scenes, it’s a whole different situation.

According to Radar Online, Kim Kardashian gave Kanye her honest opinion about the move to somewhat disrespect his fellow musicians in the music video, causing a massive argument between the couple that has left the TV personality contemplating on filing for divorce.

The outlet claims that “she’s sick of his antics and his naked ‘Famous’ video was the last straw,” with their union now “on the brink of collapse. West’s latest offensive move has enraged his wife and has their marriage teetering on the brink of destruction.”

While she initially praised her husband by calling him a genius for the “Famous” music video, an insider adds that Kim’s honest opinion regarding the visual couldn’t be further from what she has told fans on social media.

“Kim is horrified as [sic] the reactions to Kanye’s video… Kim is tired of always having to defend Kanye. It’s so tough for her to always be attacked because of him,” the insider added, insinuating that Kim more or less puts on an act to protect her husband’s decisions in public, but at home, she tells him the truth about how she really feels about his reckless actions.

The mother-of-two feels like she is constantly put under pressure to stand up for Kanye West and side with his decisions even when she doesn’t agree with the things he’s doing. It’s a never-ending battle with Kim and Kanye, to the point where the reality star feels drained of all the feuding she has put herself through for the sake of being looked upon as a good wife.

The source concludes by saying that the couple’s marriage is extremely tense. While they put up a good front in public, Kim and Kanye have been arguing endlessly, to the point where there have even been discussions regarding a potential divorce. “She’s under so much pressure with Kanye, their marriage could end any day,” the insider adds.

Should Kim Kardashian decide to break up with Kanye West and file for divorce, this would consequently be her third marriage that hasn’t worked out. The socialite considers herself a hopeless romantic, and if the relationship is really as bad as sources claim it is, there’s no denying that Kim will go ahead and pull the plug on a marriage that has done nothing but drain her of all her energy.

[Photo by Jeff Spicer/Getty Images]