Fears Over Obama Gun Control Lead To Massive Gun Sales [Only In America]

Gun sales are through the roof in the United States. During his first term in office, gun control advocates fear mongered the idea that President Obama would end the sale of personal firearms. While that rumor proved to be false, rumors are once again circulating for a second term agenda.

According to NBC guns sales are up by 50 percent at Smith & Wesson, while Ruger produced its millionth firearm of the year by mid-August. To put those numbers into perspective, Ruger barely made over one million firearms in all of 2011.

While gun dealers claim that a looming crackdown by President Obama is helping their sales, the Business Insider actually found that President Obama during his first-term signed gun laws that actually expanded a US citizens rights to own firearms.

Whether they love or hate Obama, gun salesman are happy he’s in office at the moment. As one New Jersey gun seller told CNBC’s Closing Bell:

“I should put Obama’s picture on the wall up there … I’d name him salesman of the month!”

Not everyone believes fear mongering over Obama’s gun stance has led to the increase in gun sales. In some cases, increased crime caused by an uncertain economy may be to blame for the high level of gun sales.

The biggest buyers of guns? According to one North Carolina gun shop owner, it’s senior citizens because, “Ten thousand baby boomers a day are turning 65. They can’t run, they can’t fight, they got to shoot.”

Why do you think more American citizens are currently buying guns in bulk?