Stephen Hawking Stalker Convicted In A Spain Hearing

There may not be anyone in the scientific community more well known than physicist Stephen Hawking, and as we all know, anyone with such a high profile is subject to attracting stalkers, as both over-obsessed fans and hateful critics, as was the case with Hawking and a recent stalker, a woman who tracked Stephen down in Spain and proceeded to threaten Mr. Hawking’s life. The stalker has since been arrested and tried for threatening the world-renowned physicist.

Jenny Theresa C. Is Found Guilty Of Stalking Stephen Hawking

The woman, whose full name was not given, confessed to stalking and threatening Hawking in an expedited hearing, which enabled her to receive probation with a suspended jail sentence, according to The Mirror. Jenny Theresa C. has also had a restraining order issued against her, which prevents her from going within 500 meters of Mr. Hawking and restricts her from communicating with Stephen for a period of eight months. She might have received up to two years in prison under Spanish law, but, as she was a first time offender, her sentencing was suspended.

“The American citizen arrested for threatening Stephen Hawking has been released because the four month prison sentence she received was suspended as she didn’t have a criminal record in Spain,” says a court source. “As part of her sentence she is prevented from going within 500 metres of Professor Hawking and communicating with him via any means during an eight-month period.”

In establishing the conditions of her release, Jenny Theresa C. was compelled to admit her guilt and to acknowledge that she understood the criminality of her actions.

“She has agreed to the sentence and recognised that she committed a crime of serious threats.”

The woman had been following Mr. Hawking throughout his travels, until they both ended up in Spain, where Hawking was scheduled to attend a conference in Tenerife. It was then that she sent threatening emails and social media posts to Professor Hawking, telling him she intended to kill him at the conference. Authorities confirmed that the contents of the email indicated that she had already obtained access to the conference venue, where she planned to carry out a plot to kill Stephen Hawking.

“The crime she was convicted of covers threats to carry out crimes against someone including murder, wounding, rape and torture,” said the court source.

Hawking was scheduled to give testimony and offer evidence to the judge in a private session, but Stephen failed to appear, reporting that health concerns prevented him from participating in the hearing.

Stephen Hawking Tells Larry King That “Our Stupidity Is Killing Us”

Earlier this week, Stephen Hawking appeared on Larry King Now and told the host that he could see only doom for the future of mankind, according to The Daily Beast. Professor Hawking repeated the warnings he had shared several years ago in 2010, emphasizing once again the need to limit overpopulation and pollution, as well as advising that climate control is a pressing emergency.

“We certainly have not become less greedy or less stupid,” Hawking said on Larry King Now. “Six years ago, I was warning about pollution and overcrowding. They have gotten worse since then.”

Mr. Hawking predicts that, unless change is implemented very soon, Earth may soon resemble the planet Venus, which plays host to a hostile environment, under which mankind would perish. As pessimistic as Stephen’s warnings seem, the physicist still holds hope for the universe and its vast mysteries.

“Why do the universe and all the laws of nature exist,” Professor Hawking wondered aloud. “Are they necessary? In one sense they are, because otherwise we wouldn’t be here to ask the question. But is there a deeper reason?”

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