Was That An Alien UFO Spotted On Back Of Truck? Headed Towards Area 51

A video was released showing what could possibly be an alien UFO on the back of a truck. The run-down flatbed semi-truck was speeding down a major highway towards Area 51 carrying a disc-shaped large object. Conspiracy theorists are wondering if it really could be an alien UFO.

The question is, did we spot a UFO, or something earthly that looks like a UFO? Scott C. Waring of UFO Sightings Daily believes there is a reason the truck driver was driving so fast.

“This UFO was being hauled by a really run-down semi-truck, and add to the fact that he was moving so fast that he almost hit the overpass as he went under it. He is in a hurry, and having a UFO on your trailer and gov officials waiting for it, it’s no wonder why he is moving so fast.”

Some people claim the UFO-looking disc may just be a part of a vessel, or perhaps a silo cap. Others think it may have been a prop used for a movie, such as Independence Day: Resurgence.

Regardless of what is true and untrue, it certainly does look particularly like a UFO; however, it is quite small.

One thing that could possibly change someone’s mind as to whether or not they believe if this truly was a UFO is how out in the open it was. Would the government, who is accused of hiding UFO and alien life, really allow a UFO to travel down a major highway on a run-down flatbed semi-truck? It is highly unlikely.

Not to mention, if the “UFO” was being transported to Area 51, conspiracy theorists would eat the government alive because it would totally give away one of the most secretive military bases in the country.

Steven Barone, an alien conspiracy theorist, claims that he regularly films UFO activity near Area 51. On July 2, Barone claims to have seen UFO sightings during fireworks. He filmed the sighting from Henderson, Nevada, which is located just outside of Area 51.

“I definitely saw plenty of fireworks going off last night, but it didn’t seem to have any effect on the UFO activity. I caught these UFOs that I see all the time out in the desert in Henderson along with an amazing display at the Air Force Base.”


Scott C. Waring was also intrigued by Barone’s most recent video, but he wished it could have been filmed with night vision.

“This UFO was caught by Steven Barone of Vegas this week. It is higher than the mountains and moves up and down very fast, so it could be a UFO, but it also could be a secret project from the local U.S. Air Force base nearby. Very cool catch, just wish it was in night vision.”

As far as the UFO-looking object on the back of a flatbed semi-truck goes, it really could go either way. It could have been a UFO, or it could have just been some other Earthly object being transported from one place to the next.

Just a few months ago, another sighting of a potential UFO on the back of flatbed semi-truck became a popular subject. Just outside of Holbrook, Arizona, on Route 77, a flat bed semi-truck hauling a large saucer-shaped object was spotted. It, too, was rumored to be headed to Area 51.

UFO conspiracy theorists believe that the government and military gather up wrecked UFOs and deliver them to Area 51 to be reverse-engineered.

Many people were very skeptical about the sighting a few months ago, and now about this new one. Skeptics are saying that the government would not openly transport top-secret equipment down a major highway. They are likely right that UFOs will undoubtedly not be spotted catching a ride on the back of a run-down flatbed semi-truck.

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