Susan Sarandon: The Face Of Seduction In Marc Jacobs Campaign

Susan Sarandon has proven that her beauty is as timeless as her career. According to CNN, Marc Jacobs has announced that 69-year-old Susan Sarandon will be a part of his 2016 fall/winter campaign.

The fashion mogul took to social media to post a picture of Susan Sarandon from the shoot, showing off her enviable figure. Jacobs appropriately captioned the Instagram post with “Susan, Seduction” and then proceeded to post a lengthy message about why he chose Susan Sarandon to be one of his muses for the collection. One of the main things he said about Sarandon is that he fell in love with her after seeing her in the 1975 cult classic The Rocky Horror Picture Show.

Jacobs spoke very highly of the Thelma and Louise actress as he praised her courage, her strength, her conviction and intelligence, and even called her “ballsy.”

“There’s an inherent seductive quality in Susan as a woman who always speaks her mind and an artist who takes risks. Her talent as an actress is one of extraordinary range, talent, and power.”

Susan Sarandon makes everything she does look effortless, but she admits that she has faced a lot of challenges during her career. According to the Huffington Post, Susan Sarandon believes that she has two big hurdles at her age.

Susan Sarandon has spoken on how the press gives her problems, particularly when something she says in an interview becomes sensationalized in the media.

“[One of] my biggest hurdles … is when I deal with the press, and I’m doing an interview about something important, and then the headline gets sensationalised, and I think, ‘Did I let myself in for that? I don’t think so’. But that’s the price for being media-connected, I guess.”

The second of Susan Sarandon’s problems is directly related to her age. The Rocky Horror Picture Show actress has caused ripples in magazines and other media when photographs of her adventures show her in the company of younger friends. The problem for Sarandon is that she finds people her own age can be boring and unstimulating.

Susan Sarandon talkd about her friends and how hard it can be for her to relate to people her own age.

“Female friends are a great support, but as lots of people age, they lose their curiosity. It’s harder to find companions who are vital, engaged, curious, nonjudgmental.”

She goes on to say that many people her own age seem “disengaged” or are eager to simply “maintain the status quo.”

“I want to say to them, it is possible to be both engaged, passionate and celebratory, to fight the good fight. I want more people my own age having fun with me. It’s lonely out here.”

Sarandon’s previous film The Meddler covers the topic quite accurately with its narrative. She plays the lead role of a heartbroken widow named Marnie who hopes to restart her life by moving closer to her daughter. While Sarandon’s character’s daughter, Lori, rejects her attempts to help, the end result sees Marnie focusing her attention in other directions.

The Oscar winner admits that she is not a fan of the title of the film as it, in her opinion, carries negative connotations. Susan Sarandon believes that there could be more fitting, positive alternatives to the word “meddler.” She is a huge fan of her character in the film, though, and with her own tireless enthusiasm and interest in others, Sarandon reportedly feels like she understands the character all too well.

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