Sandra Bullock Has Found Her ‘Soulmate’ In Bryan Randall, Couple In State Of ‘Euphoria’

Sandra Bullock has had one bumpy relationship journey over the past few years after her now ex-husband, Jesse James, was caught cheating on the actress with multiple women back in 2010. The 51-year-old, however, seems to have found love again, and this time it’s reportedly for real.

Bullock has been dating photographer Bryan Randall since mid-2015, and E! reports that a source has shared how smitten she is with her beau.

“Exclusive sources report that ‘The Blind Side’ actress, 51, believes her new beau, photographer Bryan Randall, is her ‘soulmate.'”

Additional sources state that Bullock and Randall are in a state of “euphoria” together and that “She is where she finally wants to be with a partner.” Reportedly, friends couldn’t be happier for the actress and her new “down-to-earth” romance that she’s enjoying.

The couple also has parenthood in common. Sandra is mother to an adopted son, 6-year-old Louis and a daughter, 3-year-old Laila. Bryan has one daughter, Skylar, from his previous engagement.

An insider reveals the way Bullock and 50-year-old Randall bond over the little ones.

“Her main love are her kids. She taught them to learn the value of a dollar and appreciate the small things. Louis is the most well-behaved child and polite to other kids. [Bryan] shares the same feeling on how raising kids should be.”

News of the relationship between Sandra Bullock and Bryan Randall began surfacing in summer of 2015, yet even as far along as September of last year, at the Toronto International Film Fest, Bullock wasn’t admitting to any romance. She did indicate things were great in her life, however. Wonderwall shares the star’s response to questions about Bryan back in September.

“Who says I have a new boyfriend?” the actress joked when asked about Bryan. “Everything in my life is great right now.”

Insider’s also note how Bullock is much different than many celebrities and share how Bryan is the perfect complement to the star’s interests and ambitions. E! shares this.

“‘She is a simple kind of women that is not impressed by brands and fancy objects. She wears minimal makeup and dresses very casual when not working,’ the source said. ‘Bryan loves what a natural beauty she is.’ The source added that the two ‘have a kind of love that’s very old school’ and that Randall treats her as ‘Sandy’ not ‘Sandra the actress.'”

While Sandra’s journey hasn’t been easy, she has become a household name and notable Hollywood star who constantly selects roles to suit her talents and original and classic beauty. Late last year Bullock spoke about the niche that she found in the industry due to what she has to offer in talent and appearance. E! shares the star’s words about her road to her current situation in the industry.

“The 51-year-old…[admits] she was never asked to play “the girl” in films but rather became bound to a different role she could actually relate to. ‘They didn’t want me to be the girl. ‘Cause I wasn’t classically beautiful,’ she explains. ‘I loved comedy. I was the best friend. I wasn’t a leading lady.'”

Although Bullock experienced a tumultuous time following her split from Jesse James, she maintained her focus on her career and welcomed her two adorable children. The star navigated through the difficulty and came out the other side being able to love again with the understanding as to what she truly needs in a partner. It appears and sounds as though Bullock has found exactly that in her new man, photographer Bryan Randall. It’s no wonder that Bullock referred to her life as being “great” at the moment.

[Photo by Theo Wargo/NBC/Getty Images for ‘The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon’]