Louis Tomlinson And Briana Jungwirth Feud Over Freddie, ‘Bri Went Cray’ With Jealousy Over Danielle Campbell

Briana Jungwirth and Louis Tomlinson are struggling to reach an agreement over custody of their 5-month-old son Freddie Reign, and Briana’s social media habits are fueling the feud. According to TMZ, Jungsworth likes to post lots of photos of the couple’s infant son, but Tomlinson is determined to maintain privacy around his son’s life and his own relationship with both Briana and Freddie.

The battle over social media is brewing after Louis “filed legal papers for joint custody” because he reportedly thinks that Briana is keeping him away from little Freddie. Tomlinson is seeking “joint physical and legal custody” of his baby, and is also stipulating that his son’s time would be equally shared in a 50/50 split between mom and dad. The Daily Mail reports that a source close to Louis and Briana says Jungwirth has been “inconsistent” about the time she allows Louis to have with Freddie.

Needless to say, the mom isn’t happy with the custody proceedings, but Louis is offering her a way out. Tomlinson, 24, would look at an out-of-court settlement with his ex if she would take certain steps concerning posts to Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat and other online sharing platforms. Louis is pretty strict about his requirements, and includes the demand that Briana “consults him prior to sharing pictures of their son.”

That’s got to annoy Jungwirth. Her ex won’t even trust her to make the call; instead, she’ll have to ask his permission about every single photo she wants to show off to her friends and family via social media. From Louis’ point of view, the pre-approval restriction is because he’s already asked her to be more private about the pics, and she hasn’t cooperated.

“Briana says she has a right as a proud mom to post pics of their son.”

The One Direction star doesn’t think it’s about Briana’s motherly pride at all. Tomlinson, who has reportedly been paying the rent on a $1 million home for Briana along with $15,000 a month in child support, suspects that Jungwirth is just jealous of his current girlfriend. Tomlinson and Danielle Campbell have been dating since November 2015, and their relationship is getting more serious now. MTV reports that when baby Freddie returned to his mother “smelling of Danielle’s perfume” after a visit with his daddy, “Bri went cray.”

Briana reportedly has concerns of her own, though. She says it’s not jealousy of Louis and Danielle Campbell that motivates her to want to keep custody of Freddie, it’s concerns for Freddie’s safety around Danielle. Jungwirth thinks that Campbell isn’t legit at all, and is a dangerous person to have around. She thinks there’s good reason to believe that Danielle is “nothing more than a crazed fan who now knows her home address and gate security code.”

Wow. If Jungwirth’s suspicions about Danielle Campbell are true, then there’s a good reason why Jungwirth might be keeping Freddie away from Tomlinson. But, if Louis goes ahead with the custody lawsuit, she won’t have much choice and will have to let Freddie visit more. There’s one thing Briana says she will fight back on, though. She thinks that if Louis is going to force her to let Freddie spend half his time with daddy and Danielle, then he’ll have to do the parenting work himself. If Tomlinson and Campbell decide to hire a nanny to take care of Freddie, then Jungwirth will be “objecting to joint custody” on the grounds that having a nanny in charge isn’t “true parenting.”

Some fans think that the fighting has gone on long enough, and that it’s all probably just about money. One person tweeted the concern that all the fighting means little Freddie doesn’t get the gift of enjoying his time with either Tomlinson or Jungwirth.

What do you think? Is Briana right that Danielle could be a problem, or is Louis right that Briana is just jealous of Danielle Campbell?

[Photo by Ben A. Pruchnie/Getty Images]