Farm Murders In South Africa Once Again Rise As Boschkop Farmer Murdered

Jinger Jarrett

A South African farmer was shot to death on his Boschkop farm. Jan Hettema, 83, was killed at his farm house when two armed robbers broke in and opened fire on him.

EyeWitness News reported that Hettema's wife was also assaulted by the attackers. Netcare 911's Athlenda Mathe said that the man was already dead when they arrived on the scene.

"When we arrived on scene, we found that the elderly man had already died, before our arrival, due to the gunshot wound he sustained. We declared him dead on scene, before handing the body over to the Boschkop police."

— South Africa Today (@SATodayNews) June 14, 2016

News 24 reported that Jan Hettema was a former South African rally champion, driver and cyclist. Police spokesperson Captain Marissa van der Merwe said that the farm murder occurred at Hettema's small holding in Tweedrag near Boschkop early in the morning. Van der Merwe went on to say that two armed intruders overpowered Hettema, his wife, and a worker on the farm. The suspects stole a laptop, jewelry, and cellphones.

Jan Hettema won the South African Rally championship five times, and he also competed in the 1956 Olympics, which took place in Melbourne, Australia. He took fourth place in the event.

— Ellen Samyn (@e_samyn) June 1, 2016

Four men are linked to the murder of the man, and police are currently searching for them in connection to the crime. Hettema's killers are still at large and police are currently seeking them while his body was handed over to the police for further investigation.

— Dixie Lady (@DIEFREE13) June 7, 2016

With organizations like the Economic Freedom Fighters calling for land confiscation without compensation, it has further aggravated the friction and may be one of the issues driving farm murders and attacks. The Constitution of South Africa is enabling of land reform, and it calls for just and equitable compensation even when the compensation is below market value.

The current drought and rising food prices have further aggravated the problems that South Africans face, and with the farm murders and attacks, it leaves fewer farmers to address the rising demand for food. It was once the breadbasket of Africa, and now South Africa has to import a large proportion of its food, creating new problems.

[Photo by Pixabay]