‘Big Brother 18’ Spoilers: A Final Four Deal Is Made, Backdoor Plans Solidified, And The Next Target Is Decided [Spoilers]

'Big Brother 18' houseguests, Frank Edy and James Huling

Big Brother 18 live feed spoilers have been hot the past few days, as the houseguests work to orchestrate an elaborate backdoor plan to take out a big target this week. A final four deal has been made, marking one of the first, ” I will take you to the end” talks of the season. Paulie Calafiore solidifies his plan to backdoor Victor Arroyo this week, and the eight-pack decides on the next big target.

Online Big Brother reports that Frank Edy tells Paulie that the perfect final four is Zakiyah Everette, Nicole Franzel, and the two of them. Paulie seemed to like the idea, and they agree that Da’Vonne Rogers has to go soon so that they can win Zakiyah’s trust. Apparently, they feel her bond with Da’Vonne will prevent them working with her til the end. They suggest that Bronte D’Acquisto should be the next person to go, because she has an influence over the other side of the house. “Without Bronte, the other side would crumble and be easily picked off,” Frank whispers to Paulie.

Big Brother live feed spoilers revealed that Paulie won the Power of Veto competition yesterday. He immediately talked about his plans to backdoor Victor on eviction night on Thursday. At first, it was assumed Paulie would remove Bronte from the chopping block, but Paulie stated he planned to keep her on the block and remove Paul Abrahamian instead. He reportedly felt removing Paul was the best way to achieve his trust, and convince him to vote with them, and send Victor out of the Big Brother house this week.

The Veto ceremony plans include removing Paul off the block and renominating Victor. Paulie felt conflicted about whether he should let Victor know about the plan to backdoor him, or let the nomination come as a surprise. Big Brother 18 live feed spoilers tease that Frank urged him to surprise him, because if he tells him beforehand, there’s a possibility that Victor would try to convince him to change his mind. Currently, Victor is in the dark and doesn’t know about the plans to evict him this week.

No the other side of the house, Tiffany Rousso, Natalie Negrotti, and Bridgette Dunning talk about how they can flip the Big Brother house. They agree that Frank and James Huling seem to be running the house, and they think there’s a need to do “something” to change that. They don’t know how to do anything yet because they don’t have the numbers. They agree to keep an eye out and to do their best to protect each other moving forward.

Big Brother Network reports Frank and Paulie cannot decide if Bronte or Tiffany should be the target next week. They agree they need to do whatever possible to ensure Bronte and Tiffany don’t get Head of Household next week. Frank wonders why Tiffany seems so concerned with what the live feeders think and muses that she probably feels as if she has “big shoes to fill.”

Big Brother live feed spoilers reveal that Jozea Flores and Victor (falsely) believe that after the show they will have some type of instant fame that will help them land modeling contracts. Frank balks at the idea because after his season, he went back to his life at home and lived the same way he did before the show. For most people, there is no real possibility of fame and many players are forgotten after their season is over.

Big Brother 18 fans, do you think Tiffany, Bridgette, and Natalie have what it takes to flip the house next week? Does Victor suspect they are planning to backdoor him? Will the final four deal stick until the end?

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