Dog TV Remote Control Gives Paws To The Family Pooch

Anne Sewell

Does your dog get bored, alone at home all day while you work? A dog food company and an animal computer interaction expert have come up with the perfect dog TV remote, allowing your pet to choose the channels and keep entertained.

Dan Reeves from the U.K. pet food company Wagg came up with the idea in conjunction with experts in animal computer interaction design at the University of Central Lancashire.

According to Inside Hook, a prototype of the new dog TV remote control was unveiled recently by Wagg and Ilyena Hirskyj-Douglas, an expert in animal computer interaction design at the University of Central Lancashire.

According to Hirskyj-Douglas, "Recent research found the average dog now watches more than nine hours of TV a week, which shows that technology is already playing a huge part in our pets' lives."

So it definitely makes sense to give our dogs the ability to access their entertainment all by themselves.

— Anne King (@inthemedia1) July 3, 2016

While watching DogTV – or just plain old human TV – the family pooch can use the dog TV remote to turn on the TV, "paws" their video, or turn off when they have seen enough.

The remote has large buttons with raised surfaces, making them paw-friendly and they have been produced in dog-friendly colors of yellow and blue.

Probably most important of all, the dog TV remote has been designed so that the family pooch can't chew it – the whole thing is made of a hard-wearing, waterproof plastic that can withstand even the largest doggy jaws.

Just for fun, the remote also squeaks when they use it — like so many of their favorite toys — and there is a hole where a rope can be attached, allowing the family pet to carry or drag it around the house.

The new product isn't available at stores yet, however, as the new TV remote is currently undergoing canine testing, under the eye of experts who are monitoring the pooches' reactions to the buttons, sounds and colors.

— Report UK (@ReportUK) July 3, 2016

Reeves said that "Research carried out by Wagg shows a staggering 91% of owners admit their pet regularly sits on the sofa and watches TV with them."

As reported by the Mirror Online, while it could mean owners will end up fighting with the family dog for remote control of the TV, Reeves is sure the product will be a howling success.

— Wagg (@WaggFoods) July 1, 2016

"We wanted to create something that would keep the dog entertained and reassure owners of their well-being."

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