UFO Hunters ‘Discover’ Fossilized Dinosaur Skull On Mars — Proof Of Ancient Jurassic Creatures On Mars, Alien Hunters Make Jaw-Dropping Claim [Video]

A dinosaur

UFO hunters have announced sensationally the “discovery” of indisputable evidence of ancient Jurassic creatures that lived on Mars millions of years ago. The latest “discovery,” according to alien hunters, supersedes all previous claims being the best and clearest example of a fossilized dinosaur skull ever discovered on the Red Planet.

The jaw-dropping announcement was made in a video uploaded to YouTube on July 2, 2016, by the alien hunter Paranormal Crucible who has gained notoriety following a series of bizarre “discoveries” on the Red Planet, ranging from pieces of abandoned alien machinery to elongated alien skulls and six-inch Mars aliens.

This time around, the prolific Mars anomaly hunter claims to have stumbled upon a whole fossilized skull of an ancient Mars dinosaur — an ancient Mars “Jurassic” creature — in a Curiosity rover photo of the Martian surface.

The alleged skull has been so well preserved over millions of years of Mars geologic history that it shows astonishing details of the animal’s skull bone anatomy, including — according to the alien hunter — the animal’s orbital cavity, zygomatic arch and mandibular joint, maxilla, nasal cavity, and mandibles filled with a complete set of teeth (see diagram below).

“This is definitely a creature’s skull, possibly a dinosaur or an equus ferus (wild horse) species,” the alien hunter announced grandiloquently.

“I have pointed out areas like the mandible and maxilla as well as six other points of reference. This proves it’s not a weird shaped rock,” he added.

The skull was so well preserved that the alien hunter did not have to resort to his usual but much-criticized “digital enhancement” procedures to show the features of the alleged skull.

Critics say that Paranormal Crucible’s habit of “enhancing” images digitally, which involves reconstructing their presumed original appearance — ostensibly to make the alleged evidence clearer to untrained eyes — is merely a ruse that allows the alien hunter to alter the original object and make it look like anything he fancies.

But the “evidence” of the latest “fossil find” was so clear that the alien hunter did not need to “enhance” the image.

“This is definitely a creature’s skull, possibly a dinosaur or an equus ferus species.”

Dinosaur skill on Mars?
“I have not added anything to this image apart from colorization,” he wrote. “It is all there in the raw image — amazing.”

UFO and alien conspiracy theorist Scott C. Waring identified the object as a fossilized dinosaur skull.

“This is another dinosaur skull found on Mars this week,” he wrote in a post to his controversial UFO Sightings Daily blog.

“It is a fossil… and that means it has been 100 percent replaced by the minerals around it to form itself into a mineralized shell of what it once was,” he added.

“It is now stone, and that is why it matches the minerals around it. A fossil takes on the colors and textures of the minerals it was replaced with,” he concluded.

The evidence appeared to be so clear that there was little controversy about its identification as an animal’s skull among enthusiasts on YouTube.

“That’s very clear! And it looks like an animal,” an enthusiast commented. “We have seen this type of report many times. Can someone just go up there and send photos back with chemical analysis?”

“Look at the teeth, eye hole, and jaw line,” an astonished viewer commented, “also the dust and debris covering it; too real.”

“I just know that NASA wouldn’t tell us even if they were up there,” another commented.

But a few skeptics dismissed the claim that the the photo shows a dinosaur skull, attributing the appearance to pareidolia or apophenia, a psycho-cognitive bug of the mind that predisposes humans to perceiving familiar patterns in otherwise random stimuli.

“Our minds are programmed to create faces in objects. It’s a rock!”

“I think it’s just a coincidence.”

“Just… pareidolia.”

“That is a rock for sure…. Do not spread nonsense until proved beyond doubt.”

This is not the first time that alien hunters have “found” a dinosaur skull on Mars.

In February 2016, Scott C. Waring announced that he found the fossilized skull of a “Tyrannosaurus rex-type dinosaur” in Curiosity rover photo of the Martian surface. The Inquisitr reported at the time that the discovery reignited debate over claims that life on Earth originated on Mars.

“I found a skull of a dinosaur-like creature. It really looks like the fossil of an actual life form from long ago.”

The alien hunter accused NASA of trying to hide the evidence by uploading only tiny images that make it difficult for viewers to see details.

“NASA really made these photos small, only 45kb so I enlarged them to 535kb and kept its quality,” he said.

Alien hunters Mars Moon Space TV also claimed in February, 2015, to have discovered a fossilized ancient dinosaur skull with a complete set of teeth.

According to Waring, the petrified object preserved features of the dinosaur’s skull, such as the lower jaws, nostrils, and teeth.

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