Sarah Palin’s ‘Rat’ Comment Will Impede Trump’s Case To Conservatives Not Endear

Before Donald Trump’s speech at the 2016 Western Conservative the Colorado Convention Center, former governor of Alaska Sarah Palin “warmed up the crowd” by scolding the #NeverTrump movement, as reported by the Denver Post.

“What do they know about common-sense conservatism?”

Displeased at the notion that any Republican would dare disregard Donald Trump as the presumptive nominee on the Republican ticket, Sarah Palin did not hesitate to call it like it is, calling anti-Trump soldiers rats.

“Republicans Against Trump — or rats.”

In Palin’s worldview, the establishment should jump onboard the Trump train and abide by the will of the party. Palin, of course, forfeits to mention Trump won by a plurality in the primary, not majority, among 17 other candidates that were vying to be the Republican nominee.

Voters “are so sick and tired of being betrayed,” said Sarah Palin. “Trump is winning because he puts you first.”

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It’s understandable Palin is frustrated the party hasn’t united around Donald Trump, considering the convention will take place later this month. However, Palin is being highly unprofessional by insulting conservatives who cannot gather any notion of voting for a nominee that doesn’t match their morals and values. Not to mention, a candidate that #NeverTrump conservatives believe isn’t a Republican but an opportunist and possibility a candidate that was pushed as a spoiler by the Hillary Clinton camp.

Sarah Palin certainly is within her right to endorse Trump, believing he is the conservative that will rewrite our free trade laws and create American jobs, eviscerate ISIS, and force Mexico to build a wall on the southern border. However, others do not share the same mentality about the man. Are they not entitled to their opinion? Since when did conservatives believe in groupthink mentality. After all, conservatives often bait liberals for their community policy, accusing the left of being communists.

It seems the shoe is on the other foot with the “rat,” comment made by Sarah Palin. Her comment and other Trump supporters’ divisive tone that anti-Trump supporters are traders reeks of nationalism. Is there no room for individual thought on the right anymore?

Sarah Palin and others who love Trump should heed to the words of José Martí.

“The first duty of a man is to think for himself”

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But calling Republicans “rats” because they cannot embrace the idea of voting for Trump is a prime example of demagoguery. Sarah Palin fails to understand that every man and woman has the right to think and decide for themselves who they want to run our country. You want Trump; others don’t. It’s a free country, deal with it.

Besides, think for a moment the reasons many Republicans cannot endear themselves to accept Trump as their nominee.

In his candidacy speech, Trump referred to Mexicans crossing the border as rapists and drug dealers. Trump retweeted false facts about crimes committed by black people against white people. As the NY Daily News reported, Trump retweeted an image that claimed, “6% of white people are killed by other Caucasians, while blacks kill 81% of white people.” In truth, “3,021 Caucasian murder victims, 2,488 of their assailants were white, or 82%.” But that’s Trump for you; he loves to race bait, and often minorities are the heathens in his narrative. Trump likes to manipulate Americans fear of radical Islamist and is on record saying we should ban Muslims from the country. As The Huffington Post reports, white males commit more acts of terrorism in the Unites States than radicalized Muslims. Facts are absolute in the Trump camp. Trump recently tweeted an anti-semitic graphic of Hillary Clinton which displayed a Star of David with the caption ‘corrupt’ written in it.

Oh, and there’s more.

Trump’s sexism and aggression towards Fox News host Megyn Kelly was problematic and disturbing all because she asked about his past allegations of sexism in the workplace. Trump’s disparaging and racial comments about Sen. Elizabeth Warren are troublesome too. He loves calling Sen. Warren “Pocahontas,” baiting her truth that she has Native American roots. Donald Trump often insinuates Hillary Clinton is responsible for her husband indiscretions with other women. Trump accused an American citizen and judge presiding over a Trump lawsuit that he should reprieve himself from the case because he’s Mexican. However, the biggest concern for anti-Trump conservatives is Trump’s lack of policy ideas and details on matters of foreign policy, fiscal policy, and social issues.

Here’s what Sarah Palin and other conservatives that support Trump fail to understand. Just because Trump won the necessary delegates to secure the nomination, doesn’t mean all conservatives must jump on board the Trump train like communists countries are expected to do. Sarah Palin has every right to love and support Trump, but #NeverTrump supporters have every right to their opinion as well. Robert Frost once said, “I hold it to be the inalienable right of anybody to go to hell in his way.” Sorry Sarah Palin, but calling conservatives that don’t support Donald Trump ‘rats,’ was a gruesome moment for the conservative party and further solidified the division going into the convention.

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