Seven ‘Jill And Jessa: Counting On’ Episodes To Expect When Duggar Family Returns For Season 2

Duggar family: episodes to count on in season 2

The Duggar family is returning to television in a second season of Jill and Jessa: Counting On, and viewers are wondering how the family can fill another season of watching them live their lives. The previous Duggar reality show, 19 kids and Counting, focused largely on how such a big family dealt with day-to-day life. Now, however, the new show is supposed to focus on the adult offspring, and not so much on Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar’s household.

Even during the first season, viewers complained that the show was slow and dull. Fans commented on Michelle’s blog posts to say that there were too many recaps, too much reviewing of the same footage.

“This particular episode, I was not a fan of — I don’t like clip or recap episodes. I pretty much fast forwarded to the new stuff.”

That being the case, what will the Duggar family do to fill another full season? Here are seven episodes you can probably expect.

1. Jinger Duggar’s Love Life

Okay, this one is a giveaway — TLC has already promised that Jinger’s courtship will be a major focus. The sixth-born Duggar child is dating a former soccer star, and we can expect to see their courtship throughout the season. At least one episode will probably include the Duggar family’s visit to Laredo, where he preaches.

Since In Touch published police reports concerning Jinger’s beau, Jeremy Vuolo, and an incident of assaulting a police officer, at least one episode centering around the couple will probably include Vuolo telling the camera that he made mistakes in his past but has sought forgiveness. It will be consistent with the latest Duggar suitor’s own previous statements about his faith.

“I began getting involved in the weekend party scene. This continued into college and my sin just continued to spiral my life downward.”

“As I beheld Jesus through His Word, the Bible, I began to see a transformation take place in my life. The sins I once loved and lived to do, I know longer loved and was no longer compelled to act upon!”

2. Jill And Derick Dillard’s New Project

Jill and Derick are still in Central America on their missions trip. With the new season of the show coming up, the Duggar daughter and her husband posted on their shared social media page that they are breaking ground on a new project.

Derick answered a follower’s question to assure her that the project is to help people in need, but didn’t elaborate. It seems likely that this is a teaser, and that follow-up on the project will ensure Jill and Derick their own episode when the family returns to television.

3. Jana Duggar Doing Home Improvement Projects

In Season 1, one focus was on Jana, the eldest Duggar daughter, sometimes referred to as the “Cinderella Duggar.” A point was made of letting the viewers know Jana does things other than raise her siblings, and she was shown helping to add new lighting in Jessa’s home.

This week, the Duggar Family Official Facebook page shared a photo of Jana shopping at Lowe’s. Buying lumber, especially with only one person in the shot, isn’t exactly what most people fill their memory books with, so this is likely a teaser for the new season of Counting On.

The Duggar family teases a Jana episode

4. A General Update On Duggar Grandkids

Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar now have half a dozen grandkids: Josh and Anna’s four kids, Jessa’s son Spurgeon, and Jill’s son Israel. Three of the kids are under 2-years-old — an age when development happens fast. An update on how the little ones are growing is probably a reasonable expectation.

5. A Pregnancy Announcement Or Teaser

It seems likely that either Jill, Jessa, or Anna will announce the next Duggar grandchild. Of course, there have been rumors of pregnancy all along for all three, and the Duggar Family Blog recently teased the idea that there could be a pregnancy. A pregnancy for Anna also might be a way for Josh Duggar to be worked back into the spotlight.

Duggar family back on tv -- will Josh show up?
If there isn’t a pregnancy currently or by the end of the season, then instead, a teaser might be featured in which one or more of the Duggar ladies is asked about pregnancy and declines to answer, similar to Jinger’s sidestepping of the courting question last season.

6. Josh Duggar Updates

Speaking of Josh and Anna, since he’s been released from his rehab program, an update of some kind seems likely. Whether Josh will appear on camera has been a matter of debate since Jill and Jessa: Counting On was announced, and with the second season, the family could feel secure enough about keeping their show to give it a try.

An episode in which Josh and Anna Duggar step forward to discuss the marriage counseling they are attending, and how they’ve grown and learned from the scandal in which he was found to have profiles on dating sites, seems like a possibility. (The police reports indicating he molested several younger girls, including his sisters, won’t be mentioned.) If the family decides putting Josh on the show is too risky, then instead there will be more testimony from the rest of the Duggar family explaining their feelings on betrayal and forgiveness.

7. A Birthday Episode

There are a lot of summer birthdays in the Duggar family. Josh’s two sons have both had birthdays in the past month, and his youngest daughter’s first birthday is two weeks away. James turns 15 this month, and next month Jennifer and Josiah have birthdays, turning, respectively, nine and twenty. Jim Bob’s birthday is also in July.

Celebrating the birthdays of three Duggar grandchildren is another possible way for sneaking Josh back into the show. After all, a big combined birthday for three grandbabies sounds like a Duggar outing (once the show celebrated Josie, Jordyn, and Mackynzie’s birthdays all together, see below), and catching Josh in just a few frames would offer the opportunity to test the public’s reaction to him.

Jill and Jessa: Counting On is slated to return to TLC later this summer. The big question is whether the Duggar family will work Josh back into the show, or if they’ll hold out another season.

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