Reliant Stadium Sign Falls On Fan During NFL Game

An LED sign at Houston’s Reliant Stadium reportedly came loose and landed on a fan during the Texans-Dolphins game on Sunday, according to FOX Sports. The incident, which took place during halftime, injured the unsuspecting fan, prompting an immediate trip to an area hospital. Although the incident left the victim with a number of wounds, none of them are thought to be life-threatening.

Click2Houston explains that officials are a little baffled as to how, precisely, the sign came loose. Not surprisingly, the cause of the accident is currently being investigated. After all, the park can’t afford to have this happen on a regular basis.

“It was scary, nobody knew what was happening,” one witness explained. “The Texans were coming down here and everybody was getting ready to yell and we heard a huge noise, saw this huge metal thing bounce off this guy’s head.”

“Just fell right down on his head, caught one guy pretty bad, he was bleeding pretty good down his face,” another witness said of the incident. “I’ve seen a few things fall but that’s the first time I’ve ever seen anything like that fall.”

Presently, the name of the victim has not been made public. In order to compensate the man for his troubles, Reliant Park has placed the guy on stand-by for all of the upcoming Texans games.

The falling sign incident arrives just a handful of weeks after a 25-year-old fan fell to his death at Reliant Stadium. According to Chron, Jonathon Glenn Kelly plummeted 60 feet after attempting to slide down an escalator handrail. The young man’s death was recently ruled an accident. Although it would seem that Kelly was goofing around at the time of the accident, police could not confirm whether or not the victim was horse-playing on the escalators. Kelly later died from blunt force injuries.