Nicki Minaj Confirms She Loves President Obama, Isn’t Voting For Romney

The hip-hop world felt shocked and betrayed last week on news rapper Nicki Minaj planned to vote for Mitt Romney, at least judging by a new lyric she spits in a Wayne joint suggesting as much.

But it wasn’t just hip-hop fans that rejected the idea Nicki Minaj would, after loudly supporting Obamacare on her Twitter account, turn her back on President Barack Obama. Obama himself was said to be “in denial” of Minaj’s words, saying in an interview with Power 953 Orlando that he believed Minaj was just in character when she rapped about Romney:

“I’m not sure that’s actually what happened. I think she had a song on there, a little rap that said that. She likes to play different characters.”

Oh. Oh! Then the dopest president in recent memory added:

“That was probably Roman who did it.”

(Roman is one of Minaj’s many characters, played out on her tracks like “Roman’s Revenge.”) Aside from making us wonder if Obeezy is leaning to Minaj’s verse on “Monster” while shooting hoops in the White House Rose Garden, Obama’s explanation made sense and was one that others had suggested in the past. (Us included, when we first reported on Minaj’s alleged endorsement of Romney.)

In another one of those moments that reminds us that it might be super, super mega cool to switch places (and wig collections) with Nicki Minaj for just one day, the rapper herself was finally forced to set the record straight on Twitter by responding directly to the president.

Okay, Minaj herself was still a bit star-struck, and admitted:

Are you impressed with President Obama’s knowledge of Nicki Minaj’s catalogue of work?