Joe Biden Courts the Biker Gang Vote, Flirts With Female Member

Joe Biden is in Ohio getting all the votes(well, trying anyway). A few days ago, he appealed to Greek voters as “Joe Bidenopoulos” and now he’s courting another group for precious Obama votes – Ohio biker gangs.

Biden looks hilariously and awkwardly comfortable in photos that depict him surrounded by bikers during his weekend Ohio campaign stops, with one photo showing him giggling (read: flirting???) with a biker gal on his lap while two cut-sporting bikers look on with what appears to be chagrin. Biden arrived to engage in the usual VP campaign banter with customers of the Cruisers Diner in southern Ohio Sunday, but took a detour from shaking hands to cozy up to a group of motorcycle riders, including one of the band’s “old ladies,” reports MSNBC.

He spotted the biker woman and waved her over, saying, “I know who runs the show,” reports

She didn’t have a place to sit, so Biden offered his lap, and pulled the woman down into it as photographers snapped photos wildly. He put his hands on her shoulders, whispering sweet nothings into her ear, and the woman smiled and giggled as the other bikers looked on (and while they don’t look particularly pleased, this very easily could have been staged fun).

This incident is hopefully bound to inspire numerous memes, possibly of the “hey girl” variety.

Joe Biden made a minor media ripple when he introduced himself to a table of Greek voters during an Ohio campaign stop Friday as “Joe Bidenopoulos.” Yes, he did indeed introduce himself by that name. He also reportedly asked the confused Greeks, “Ask George who’s the most Greek Irishman he’s ever known,” and insofar as we know, that question remains unanswered.

We’re not sure if Biden was successful in courting the biker gang vote Sunday, but we are relieved that he didn’t try to sit on any of the members’ motorcycles. We can only assume that Joe Biden is a fan of the FX television show Sons of Anarchy and knew that while he could possibly get away with flirting with a female biker, he would not be forgiven for sitting on another man’s bike.

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