New Xbox One Preview Build: No Cortana Updates, Brings Movie And TV App

Everyone has been psyched about the new and improved Xbox One user interface, and more and more updates and builds are coming to the Xbox One experience by the day.

Microsoft rolls out a new update to Xbox One consoles enrolled in the Xbox One Preview program, where all the latest and newest updates come first. The download size of the new Xbox One Preview build is almost half a GB, which will bring in exciting new features and updates to the Xbox One console.

First off, the 540MB release will come with a new Movies & TV app for the Xbox One, similar to the Windows 10 app feature. Through the new Xbox One Movies & TV app, you can purchase and rent movies and series directly from the Xbox store and then use the new app to play the content. This is pretty much to ease the process for people who love using their Xbox One for movie and marathon nights.

New Xbox One Experience dashboard (via Microsoft)

Take note, however, that you may have to manually uninstall the old Movies & TV app and install the new one. Also, if you try searching for the new Movies & TV app on your Xbox One, you may have to download it as Films & TV app instead.

If you’ve also noticed, there is a section under the Xbox Universal Store that reads “Coming Soon.” This section is now open.

Apart from these new features to the New Xbox One Experience for Preview program users, below is a list of the fixes in the update:

• Headset Controls Resolved an issue preventing the headset controls from appearing in the Guide.
• Xbox Avatars The Xbox Avatars app should no longer get stuck in the Queue when attempting to download an update.
• Movies & TV When launching Movies & TV and attempting to play a video, the menu should no longer obstruct part of the screen.
• Microsoft Edge While playing a video, pressing the left thumbstick to enter full-screen mode should no longer cause Microsoft Edge to crash.
• NowTV The NowTV app no longer fails to launch.
• OneDrive OneDrive should no longer fail to launch.
• Narrator should no longer lose focus when navigating the dashboard or Store.
• EA Access Games Resolved an issue which prevented certain EA Access games from launching.

If you’re looking for a Cortana update, you will be disappointed that an update for Cortana has not been included in the new Xbox One Preview build. The update has noted the following.

“Cortana may take a longer than expected amount of time to use the play command. Searching the Xbox Universal Store via Cortana sometimes causes her to search the same keyword multiple times. Cortana may sometimes restart and indicate she is ‘Warming up…’ even after recent use.”

But no fixes are yet to be introduced this patch.

Cortana updates may be coming on the next patch (via Microsoft)

If you’re an Xbox One Preview program member and you want to install this update, Microsoft notes that “you can manually begin the update by launching the Guide and navigating to All Settings > System > Console info & updates.” Take note though, that the update will prompt you to install the new patch for your Xbox One no later than 1:00 AM PDT July 3, 2016.

As of writing, Xbox One users can still get nominated to receive the new Xbox One Preview build. Member ChrisLynch at Windows Central notes:

“It’s not closed. If you know someone who is a member of the Preview group, they can nominate you for access. It takes ~72hrs for that to happen. You can then opt into the Opt-In Preview (think of it as the Fast Ring, with the normal Preview being the Slow Ring for Windows 10 Insiders).”

Xbox One and Windows have slowed down on adding new members to the Xbox One Preview program but talks are they are soon bringing Windows 10 Insiders to the Preview program.

[Featured photo by Casey Rodgers/Invision for Microsoft/AP Images]

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