‘Alaskan Bush People’: Browns Hanging Loose In Hawaii, Missing Ami’s Mom’s Visit

It’s hard to believe, but it appears the stars of Alaskan Bush People: Billy, Ami, Bam, Gabe, Bird, Bear, and Rain Brown, ducked out of a reunion with Ami’s mother, Earlene Branson. Two witnesses have now reported seeing the Browns in Hawaii, and one has even shared a photo to prove it.

It appears both reports occurred yesterday, June 30, 2016, placing the Alaskan Bush People family in Maui, Hawaii, and not in Alaska.

The news of the Brown family being in Hawaii and not Alaska is disappointing to many, as it was widely socially broadcast last week that Ami’s 83-year-old mother would be making a 7,000 mile roundtrip vacation to visit Ami and her family in Alaska. Ami’s brother, Les Branson, shared with Radar Online that it has been over 30 years since he and his family have heard from Ami.

Ami’s mother, Earlene “Memaw” Branson, reportedly wants to see her daughter before she passes away. Earlene’s other daughter and great nephew decided to travel with her to Alaska to fulfill this wish. The trio started their journey from Texas to Alaska on Wednesday, June 28, 2016.

A YouTube account and Facebook page were both set up so fans of Alaskan Bush People could follow Memaw’s trip to Alaska to reconnect with Ami. The family was reportedly supposed to share Memaw’s meeting with Ami, but thus far, the YouTube page has only shared footage of driving.


It’s highly doubtful the Brown family did not know about Earlene’s plans to make the trip to Alaska. Les told Radar Online his family had made attempts to let the Alaskan bush people know they would be traveling to Alaska, and claims they did not receive any response from the Brown family. Even the Alaska Dispatch News shared that Earlene was set to arrive in “Browntown.”

Ami’s brother, Les, even shared a press release on social media.

“After suffering a stroke in 2012 and more recently being diagnosed in the early stages of Alzheimer’s disease, Earlene ‘Memaw’ Branson has not been able to contact her daughter by phone. So she’s packing up and headed to Alaska to try to find her. Her one wish is to see her daughter before she dies, and she’s willing to travel 7000 miles round-trip from Texas to Alaska to try and make it happen. She is being escorted by her great nephew, entrepreneur Charles ‘Chuck’ Gilbert from Denver, who is also financing the trip to fulfill a birthday wish for his aging aunt.”


With photo proof that Rain, Bird, and Noah Brown are definitely in Hawaii, and a twitter post confirming Bam Brown was also seen vacationing in Maui, there is still room for speculation that Billy and Ami stayed behind to meet with Ami’s mother. It seems odd, though, that Billy and Ami would send their children away when this is more than likely the only chance their children will ever get to meet their grandmother. Billy and Ami are also very much against separating their family.

Are you surprised to hear that the Alaskan Bush People family ducked out on a chance to see Ami’s mother? Do you think it’s possible the kids went to Hawaii without their parents, and Billy and Ami stayed behind to welcome Earlene? If they all are on vacation in Hawaii, do you think they will return before Earlene has to leave to return to Texas?

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