‘Alaskan Bush People’: Ami’s Mom Traveling 7000 Miles To Find Her

The story behind Discovery’s Alaskan Bush People‘s Billy and Ami Brown’s relationship is a touchy one. Not only did Billy and Ami marry when Ami was very young, but they did so against her family’s wishes.

It was revealed in recent weeks that Billy was previously married before he met Ami, and a child from that marriage, Twila, made an appearance on Alaskan Bush People. The Brown’s stated in that episode of Alaskan Bush People, that they had not heard from Twila in 30 years. Critics of the show went searching and proved the Brown’s version of their relationship with Twila was not accurate, as Twila had posted several comments about her interactions with the Browns on an anti Alaskan Bush People Facebook page.

Now, another Alaskan Bush People family member has come out of the woodwork. This time, though, viewers are hearing from that family member and not from the Browns. Ami left her mother, Earlene Branson, when she married then 26-year old Billy, at the age of 15. According to an exclusive Radar Online interview, Ami’s brother, Les, states that the family has not heard from Ami in over 30 years. The family claims Ami Brown has refused to return their phone calls.

Now Ami’s family is allegedly on a mission to track her down. According to the Radar Online interview, Ami’s mother, nicknamed “Memaw,” her sister, and her cousin, will all be traveling to Alaska on a mission to find “Browntown.”

To add to the hype, a Facebook page and a YouTube account have surfaced within the last two days, set to catalog Memaw’s trip to Alaska. An unconfirmed press release, released directly by Les Branson, also surfaced June 22, 2016, stating the family members would be flying from Dallas to Juneau on June 28, 2016.

“After suffering a stroke in 2012 and more recently being diagnosed in the early stages of Alzheimer’s disease, Earlene “Memaw” Branson has not been able to contact her daughter by phone. So she’s packing up and headed to Alaska to try to find her. Her one wish is to see her daughter before she dies, and she’s willing to travel 7000 miles round-trip from Texas to Alaska to try and make it happen. She is being escorted by her great nephew, entrepreneur Charles “Chuck” Gilbert from Denver, who is also financing the trip to fulfill a birthday wish for his aging aunt.”

Ami’s brother told Radar Online that the family had tried to contact Billy and Ami Brown about their Alaskan travel plans, but Les claims they have received no response. So the family plans to go on a blind hunt to find the Alaskan Bush People family. They plan to stop at many of the places Discovery has been known to film, including the rumored real home of the Alaskan Bush People, the Icy Straight Lodge in Hoonah, AK.

“They’re just going to try to find them somehow.”

What do you think about the news that Ami’s 83-year-old mother will be traveling over 7,000 miles to find her daughter? Are you surprised to hear the Alaskan Bush People family has not responded to Ami’s family’s attempts to let them know they are coming? Do you think the Brown family will be in “Browntown” when Ami’s mom, sister, and cousin, arrive, or do you think they will conveniently be visiting the lower 48 when they arrive?

Leave your feedback in the comments below and tune in for the next episode of Alaskan Bush People on Friday at 9/8c on Discovery. Also, be sure to check back with Inquisitr for updates on Memaw’s trip to Alaska.

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