Matthew McConaughey Is Extremely Foreboding As The Man In Black In Set Pics From Stephen King’s ‘The Dark Tower’

Idris Elba starring in the lead role of the movie adaptation of Stephen King’s The Dark Tower is enough to make anyone interested in the project. Throwing Matthew McConaughey into the cast as well is another great addition, but it’s his role which could honestly make or break the film. After some set pics emerged of McConaughey in costume as The Man in Black aka Randall Flagg, it sure looks as if things are going in a great direction.

Elba has already done a tremendous job of teasing the fans with some references to “The Dark Tower” on social media here and there. About two weeks ago, he brought forth a true tribute to the books and a salute to his character, Roland Deschain.

While that is building great anticipation, fans are really excited now that the first views of Matthew McConaughey as Randall Flagg have emerged. As reported by Gizmodo, filming was taking place in South Africa, but has since moved to New York City, and bystanders are quick with the camera.

As you can tell, it’s a rather different look for the usually happy and smiling McConaughey.

You have to admit that he does look rather cool as The Man In Black, and it’s quite a change from how he normally looks in films. Coming Soon believes that this scene in NYC was the one from the books where Jake Chambers (Tom Taylor) joins Roland in Mid-World after being removed from his own reality.

Stephen King has already sent out hints that “The Dark Tower” book series isn’t really being adapted here, but that it is more of a continuation. The focus of the film will be on Roland’s continued pursuit of the titular location and his final drive in that journey.

Elba as Roland and McConaughey as Flagg add a lot of star-power to a film that truly deserves it, and they’re going to look amazing together when on-screen.

Nikolaj Arcel is the director of the film, and he has already said that the film version of The Dark Tower was going to be different than Stephen King’s novels. It was going to incorporate certain aspects, characters, and moments from the books, but it would also be a bit of a sequel to what happens after them.

Some fans have had their doubts but lost many of them after seeing Elba in his role as the “The Gunslinger.” Having now seen McConaughey in full costume for his role, almost all of those doubts no longer exist as they can see a lot of care is going into the movie.

Along with Elba and McConaughey, The Dark Tower also stars Abbey Lee, Fran Kranz, Tirana, Jackie Earle Haley, Claudia Kiim, and Katheryn Winnick. It is set to mosey into theaters on February 17, 2017.

Idris Elba and Matthew McConaughey are going to truly give their all to the movie version of Stephen King’s The Dark Tower, and it’s already showing. Seeing Elba as Roland was one thing, but now having a clear look at how Randall Flagg looks simply adds a lot more credibility to the film. This one is getting better by the day and should really impress a lot of people by the time it is released next year.

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