Stephen King Comments On Rumors Of Idris Elba In Lead For ‘The Dark Tower’ — Does He Approve?

Many around the world have enjoyed Stephen King’s self-proclaimed magnum opus, The Dark Tower, and they were all thrilled when it was revealed earlier this year that a movie would be coming. Since that announcement, there have been countless rumors and assumptions about who would star as Roland “The Gunslinger,” Deschain, and one big rumor is Idris Elba. The rumor has caused an uproar considering the race change, but what does King, the creator, think?

While Elba has not yet been officially chosen as Roland, the rumor is gaining a lot of speed. Still, it’s known that the lead in King’s novels is white and well, Elba is not.

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No matter his race, the well-known actor who was once rumored to be the next James Bond is now reportedly attached to one of Stephen King’s greatest works. Numerous others have raised their concerns about the change in race, and a lot of people aren’t necessarily in favor of it.

As reported, King needed to give his two cents. The author is not one that has ever kept quiet on his thoughts on just about everything, and he wasn’t going to stay silent now either.

With The Dark Tower about to go into production with a huge budget and likely to break some box office records, King wasn’t going to say a whole lot. Still, he needed to make his thoughts known on this subject because it’s a very sensitive one.

Honestly, he couldn’t have said it any simpler or any stronger.

Cinema Blend revealed the info back in April that The Dark Tower was getting the movie treatment, and it’s going to focus on the first of seven books. The first book is subtitled The Gunslinger and tells the tale of Roland Deschain, a member of an order of gunslingers living in Mid-World which is place that exists after the world had “moved on.”

Roland is in search of a mystical structure known as “The Dark Tower,” and it is said to be the center nexus of all worlds. He must locate the tower and defend it from those that are attempting to destroy it.

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Some may wonder if Elba has the ability to play such a role, and it’s not like he is just an action or drama star.

Idris Elba did play the role of the Norse god Heimdall in the Thor franchise and he starred in the alien film Prometheus as well. His name still comes up as being in contention for being the next Bond, and if that ever were to happen, he may be too busy for The Dark Tower.

There have not been a lot of other casting rumors for the film adaptation of Stephen King’s iconic series, but another role has been talked about.

Matthew McConaughey’s name has come up to play the main villain simply known as the “Man in Black.” He is such a dangerous, evil, and powerful being that he’s actually shown up in other Stephen King novels, but under different names.

The “Man in Black” has also been called Randall Flagg, and he appeared in The Stand which, in addition to being one of King’s most popular novels, was adapted to a comic book as well as a television miniseries back in 1994.

For now, there is no one actually attached to star in the film adaptation of The Dark Tower, but Idris Elba is rumored for it just as he has been for numerous other big roles. For those worrying about the change in race for Roland? Well, if Stephen King approves, then it shouldn’t be an issue.

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