‘Big Brother 18’ Spoilers: New HOH Reveals Eviction Targets, ‘BB18’ House Fractured [Spoilers]

Big Brother 18 spoilers now include who the new HOH is targeting for eviction. These latest Big Brother 18 spoilers come from early Friday morning (July 1), as the houseguests have started settling in for another exciting week. A report from BuddyTV relays some important information from the live feeds. The first component is that Paulie Calafiore is the new Head of Household after his team (Category 4) won the competition. He now gets an opportunity to name two nominees for eviction.

So who is Paulie Calafiore targeting for eviction? He is telling people within the Eight Pack alliance that he wants to nominate Victor Arroyo and Paul Abrahamian as soon as he gets the opportunity. Those two were the main allies of Jozea Flores, who got evicted from the BB18 house on Thursday night (June 30). It could be easy for fans to predict this outcome, especially since Victor and Paul just voted to evict Paulie during the “live” episode. Now Paulie is safe and holds a lot of power in the house.

Though the new HOH has a plan, it would be too easy for everyone in the house to agree with his choices. A notable facet of these latest Big Brother 18 spoilers, is that Paulie has been able to keep most of his alliances under wraps. A report from fan site Joker’s Updates underscores that exact point, as other houseguests are approaching Paulie to discuss whom he should nominate. That includes an idea from Bronte D’Acquisto that Paulie should nominate James Huling. Bronte has failed to realize that Paulie has been working with James through the first 15 days.

Victor Arroyo and Frank Eudy (in separate conversations) also brought up that the women outnumber the men 8-6 in the BB18 house. This presents a serious opportunity for the women in the game to team up and work to get the guys evicted. In past seasons, the idea of an all-girl alliance has been proposed before, but it has often led to the people forming the alliance quickly getting evicted. If Paulie is successful at getting Victor or Paul evicted next Thursday (July 7), then the women would assume an even stronger position in the house.

Victor also appears to be completely in the dark about present alliances in the house, because he is convinced that Paulie should nominate Nicole Franzel because she nominated him. Paulie is working very closely with Nicole in the BB18 house, so it is very unlikely that he would toss out that alliance in order to save either Victor or Paul from going up on the block. It’s possible that these Big Brother 18 spoilers could shift in the next 12 hours, but it seems very clear that Paulie is intent on putting up Victor and Paul as his two nominees.

The houseguests will likely have the nomination ceremony early on Friday, July 1, with the second Roadkill competition taking place later in the afternoon. This will mean a third nominee would become known by the end of the day, setting up what could be a very exciting Veto competition on Saturday, July 2. Now that the CBS episodes have caught up with the taped footage producers had to work with, the Big Brother house will be back on a familiar schedule each week. This will give fans a timeline of when to expect nominations and Veto results to come out on the live feeds.

By a vote of 7-4 JOZEA is the second houseguest #EVICTED from the Big Brother 18 House #BB18 #ByeJozea???????????????????????????????? pic.twitter.com/P3ixbYeZMi

— Jonathan B. (@BigBrotherFan_7) July 1, 2016

After an endurance challenge that concluded with Paulie Calafiore being the new HOH and the houseguests staying up late on Thursday to discuss how things are progressing, there likely won’t be any further drama in the house until the nomination ceremony takes place. That is when fans should expect a new round of Big Brother 18 spoilers, as many of the houseguests prepare to target either Victor Arroyo or Paul Abrahamian to be evicted next. As always, the three nominees will have a chance to save themselves with the Veto.

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