‘Marvel Heroes’ Adds 58th Playable Character With Ultron, Female Captain America Costume Now Available

Command a horde of robots and deal devastating attacks with Ultron now playable in Marvel Heroes. The popular free-to-play action RPG just updated with the new character, a few new costumes for Captain America, and an extension to the three-year anniversary going on right now. Players can download update 1.18 to check out the new content and continue collecting birthday cake slices for three-year anniversary goodies.

Ultron has the power to summon combat drones to assist the player in combat. Additionally, the character has access to powerful ranged energy attacks and impressive physical melee attacks thanks to three power trees. In Ultron’s Scourging Wrath tree, players will find several energy-based ranged attacks while the Crushing Force tree focuses on melee combat. The third tree for Ultron in Marvel Heroes, Unstoppable Ultron, unlocks drone summons for the player to command.

According to the official site, Ultron is the 58th playable character added to the roster. Ultron features three abilities with specialization options. One is located in each of the character’s power trees. For instance, the specialization ability in Scourging Wrath lets players direct their drones while the one located in Unstoppable Ultron is a powerful passive from which any build could benefit. Each of these three abilities can be customized in three different ways giving players several options in building the way they play Ultron.

“It was a cold day in December when Ultron became self-aware. Hank Pym had no idea exactly what consequences the machine’s sentience would unleash on the world. But before the brilliant Avenger could act, Ultron rebelled. Not just against its creator, but against all organic life. Over time, Ultron has upgraded and rebuilt itself continually while pushing the evolutionary boundaries of synthetic life.”

Marvel Heroes The American Dream Enhanced costume in Marvel Heroes [Image via Gazillion Entertainment]Of course, the new playable character is just one part of today’s update. Patch 1.18 also introduced two new Captain America costumes to the in-game store in celebration of Marvel’s “Women of Power” event and Cap’s 75th anniversary. As the Inquisitr reported, the American Dream Enhanced costume was noted as part of the “Women of Power” campaign back in March with a tentative release date sometime thereafter. Now the female Captain America costume is available alongside the All-New All Different Captain America costume. Check out rendered previews on the Marvel Heroes site right now.


Finally, today’s update to the game extended the three-year anniversary until July 4. The 200 percent server side experience boost, Odin’s Bounty in all zones, and a handful of returning events are currently underway until the holiday. As seen on the official forums, A.R.M.O.R. Incursion, Cosmic Chaos, Mystic Mayhem, and Operation Omega are the events in progress. Birthday cake slices will continue to drop until then so that players can pick up their Iron Man and Captain America team-ups, an additional S.T.A.S.H. slot, and the free hero ticket. A number of other items can be purchased several times via the anniversary vendor. Full birthday cakes, pets, and other items can be bought with birthday cake slices repeatedly.

“Once the clock strikes midnight on July 4th, the anniversary event will conclude, so stock up on cake slices while you can! The anniversary event vendor will remain in-game for 1 week after the conclusion of the anniversary event for players to spend any remaining cake slices.”

Marvel Heroes Emma Frost’s new model after the visual update [Image via Gazillion Entertainment]With Ultron’s release, Marvel Heroes players have four more heroes to anticipate before any new heroes are announced. Angela, Beast, Black Bolt, and Nick Fury are still to come as playable heroes. The Miles Morales team-up is coming soon, a visual update to Hulk is on the way, and Dynamic Combat is coming to Marvel Heroes. Like the recent update to Emma Frost’s model, Hulk will soon receive an updated default model. Not to mention, combat in Marvel Heroes will soon adapt to the character letting players join differently leveled friends in combat.

[Image via Gazillion Entertainment]