Buffalo Chases Tourists At Yellowstone National Park [Video]

Yellowstone National Park tourists discovered how fast bison can run after making the arguably poor decision to pet one of the wild beasts on the head. The caught on video escapade shows several adults encouraging some children to touch the buffalo on the head. As the obeying youngsters quietly and slowly creep up to the massive creature, it becomes visually agitated as it stops feeding on some grass by the pedestrian pathway.

A man’s voice can be heard saying “oh my gosh, oh my gosh, he’s friendly” on the recording. While the Yellowstone National Park bison may have not looked fierce, he was also not a domesticated pet. An older man standing away from the crowd appears to read the situation and the pending danger far more clearly than the adults who encourage the kids to get close enough to touch the buffalo. The elderly man backs away to safer ground as the bison’s head begins to move.

The cameraman can be heard saying this as the youngsters ease closer to the wild animal:

“See his head movements, see him gesturing? He’s saying, ‘I will get you, I will get you.’ Touch him on the head.”

The tallest boy in the group craftily positions himself for a quick escape in case the huge beast makes any sudden moves. When the buffalo charges the group, the adults quickly flee as the kids appear to be left to fend for themselves. The littlest child in the group is chased relentlessly by the bison, someone off-camera is heard yelling, “Justin run!” while the boy leads the animal in circles to try and slow it down.

A post on the West Yellowstone Chamber of Commerce Facebook page reads:

“This video is one that make us angry, especially the irresponsible person behind the camera .This group has no idea how incredibly lucky they were that no one was injured or killed.”