‘Big Brother 18’ Rumors: Julie Chen Has Shocking Surprise For CBS Viewers, ‘BB18’ House

Big Brother 18 rumors about Thursday’s show (June 30) have social media buzzing. The BB18 house is going to receive a “shocking surprise” from host Julie Chen during the “live” eviction episode. A report from fan site Buddy TV has some theories about what could possibly take place. The information leading to these Big Brother 18 rumors came from a new promo that CBS is using to advertise the show. It could mean that viewers and the houseguests are in for another huge twist from the game.

So what are some of the possibilities for this “shocking surprise” coming on Thursday night? Writer John Kubicek has floated the ideas that an evicted houseguest could return, the eviction votes could become secret, a new contestant could enter the game, or that this could be a tease to reveal Rachel Rielly’s new baby to the world. He also leaves open the possibility that a twist could be presented that hasn’t made it’s way into the social media theories yet.

A report from fan site Big Brother Network also addressed the latest Big Brother 18 rumors. Writer Matthew Boyer took a humorous approach in one of his theories. While he also speculated that an evicted houseguest could get an opportunity to return, that a new BB18 cast member could be named, or that the announcements of eviction vote totals will become extinct, he poked a little fun at Jozea Flores. It referenced how Jozea has felt that he is the best player in the game and cannot get evicted.

“Of course the most likely surprise is the obvious one. Jozea will be announced as the new host of Big Brother when he exits the house tonight. He will then immediately take over for Julie Chen and declare himself the winner, thereby ending Big Brother 18. I just don’t see any other way for this to go, right?”

Boyer also referenced something that show producer Allison Grodner hinted at in an interview with Entertainment Weekly. Grodner gave a specific answer when asked whether this season would see the return of Pandora’s Box to the game.

“It’s been a while. We were doing that for a while and we always like to mix things up. You may see it again or you say see it in a different way. I’ll tease that — we might have another use for that room that we use for Pandora’s Box this summer.”


These are all still just considered Big Brother 18 rumors, as the only confirmation for Thursday night is that Julie Chen is going to present a shock. If it turns out to be the option involving secret voting, that could certainly shift how some houseguests make their eviction votes. In the past, vote totals have been announced during every eviction, allowing each nominee to know how many people voted against them. It led to a lot of drama in the house that could vanish if the votes become secret. It could also make it more likely for people to vote against their alliances.

At this stage of the summer 2016 season, where the BB18 cast has already been in the house for 15 full days, it may be a little late to expect a new houseguest to join the game. Viewers might also find that to be an unfair advantage to anyone joining the fray at this point. Still, if the former houseguest is popular enough, viewers might quickly get on board with a twist like that. As previously reported by the Inquisitr, the first “live” eviction of the season isn’t likely to provide much of a shock to viewers who have been paying attention.

The Thursday, June 30 episode of the show begins at 9 p.m. PT/ET. While there are plenty of Big Brother 18 rumors about what Julie Chen might reveal, it is already believed that Jozea Flores is about to get evicted and the BB18 house will soon have a new HOH.

[Photo by Peter Kramer/Getty Images]