‘Big Brother 18’ Spoilers: Turmoil Consumes ‘BB18’ House Ahead Of Live Eviction, New Alliance Forms [Spoilers]

Big Brother 18 spoilers now include a new alliance forming in the house. The first live eviction for the BB18 cast takes place on Thursday, June 30, and it has created a lot of paranoia in the house. Turmoil brewed in the early morning hours on Thursday with several key discussions taking place before the vote. A report from the fan site, Joker’s Updates, reveals that James Huling and Natalie Negrotti may have begun working together, possibly creating a situation where Natalie becomes part of the Eight Pack alliance.

Fans watching the live feeds saw James speak with Corey Brooks and Frank Eudy after his conversation with Natalie came to an end. The meeting between the three guys presented more Big Brother 18 spoilers as it underscored how easily Tiffany Rousso could find herself on the outside of the major house alliance. As previously reported by the Inquisitr, Tiffany and Frank had a falling out, with Tiffany going around the house talking negatively about the veteran houseguest. It may have been a mistake as the returners have closed ranks with Frank (so far).

Some of the turmoil in the BB18 house has been because both Frank and James spoke with Natalie about who would be going home during the next eviction. One side of the house has been working to get Jozea Flores evicted, but the other side of the house has assumed he would be safe. Adding to the situation, Jozea also felt that there was no chance he would get evicted from the house, showing a lot of overconfidence in the process. That continued early Thursday morning when he told the cameras that he would remain in the game.

Up until late Wednesday evening (June 29), Jozea Flores had been in complete denial about being at risk of going home next. When members of his alliance were warning him that his name had come up in discussions, Jozea merely brushed it aside and continued to act like there was no way he could get evicted this early in the game. Even when Natalie finished speaking with Frank and then told Jozea she “feels” he is going home, Jozea remained defiant in the discussions. Unless he is putting on an act, it appears Jozea still feels he will get saved on eviction night.

In addition to the Big Brother 18 spoilers about Jozea Flores being the main target for eviction, James Huling starting to work with Natalie Negrotti, and with Tiffany Rousso being on the outs with Frank Eudy, there was another very notable revelation early Thursday. Talks among James, Frank and Corey Brooks covered how the guys wanted to replace Tiffany with Natalie in the Eight Pack alliance. They quickly realized the importance of discussing it with the other members of the alliance and tabled the idea, but it could come up again following the next eviction.

As for what is going to take place during the June 30 episode, there are several twists that could be shocking to viewers. Frank was trying to convince Natalie to throw the Head of Household competition, while Victor Arroyo was stating on the live feeds that he was going to throw it to help get James Huling nominated. Victor is on the same team as James, so throwing the HOH competition would also put him at risk of getting nominated. Is it too early for anyone participating on a team to simply throw an HOH competition?

The June 30 episode begins at 9 p.m. PT/ET, with Jozea Flores, Paulie Calafiore, and Bridgette Dunning facing possible eviction. Though several votes could be given to Paulie, a clear majority in the BB18 house is voting to evict Jozea. Unless something significant changes in the final few hours before the “live” eviction show, Jozea will be joining Glenn Garcia on the outside. Will he be sequestered, though? Stay tuned fans because more Big Brother 18 spoilers will come out Thursday night, including the name of the new HOH.

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