Chelsea Houska Is ‘Ready To Quit’ ‘Teen Mom 2’ — Why She Is Over The Drama

Chelsea Houska’s time on Teen Mom 2 is apparently over.

Us Magazine is reporting that Randy Houska dished on his daughter’s departure and admitted that she doesn’t want producers to film her wedding.

The revelations came during Randy’s interview on the podcast, Dentists Implants and Worms this past Friday.

When questioned about Chelsea starting her own spin-off reality show, like Newlyweds: Nick and Jessica, Randy stated that “I believe she probably wouldn’t want to do that.”

“She’s ready to quit [Teen Mom 2],” he continued. “I don’t think I’m supposed to say that. If the series ends, she’s fine with it.”

According to Hollywood Life, Chelsea wants to quit the reality series because she is tired of all the drama, especially when she is forced to create it for the sake of the show.

Chelsea Houska's dad Randy says she wants off reality TV. Chelsea and her dad Randy [Image via MTV]“Sometimes they push her to do some drama but she doesn’t want drama,” Randy shared. “Drama makes good TV but she doesn’t want a life of drama.”

Randy went on to admit that Chelsea stayed on the show through its first seven seasons because it paid well.

“She’s 24, and she has a house,” he said. “That’s why she’s stuck with it. She’s doing well, and Aubree’s all set as far as college money.”

Although money has been a big motivator, Chelsea isn’t willing to put a price on her upcoming wedding with Cole DeBoer. In fact, Randy revealed that Chelsea fought with producers to keep her nuptials private.

“Chelsea’s getting married in October … she drew the line [on filming the wedding],” he continued. “She won’t let them tape it. That was a lot of fighting back and forth. They certainly wanted it.”

Producers even offered to finance the wedding if Chelsea Houska allowed them to film. Despite the generous offer, she still said no.

“She doesn’t want it taped; she doesn’t want it on TV,” he added. “She doesn’t need it paid for. I was very proud that she grew the balls to say no.”

Chelsea and DeBoer announced their engagement in November. Chelsea was formerly in a relationship with Adam Lind, whom she dated on and off over the years.

'Teen Mom 2' Chelsea Houska announces engagement Chelsea Houska, Cole DeBoer, and her daughter, Aubrey [Image via MTV]Although fans will not get to watch Chelsea and DeBoer exchange vows – something other couples on the show have allowed – they will get to see some of the action.

According to International Business Times, the couple will allow producers to film the bachelorette party and other festivities. Chelsea also plans to send MTV a collection of photos from the ceremony which can be used on the show.

“They’ll go to the bachelorette party and stuff [to film], but for the wedding, she agreed that she’ll send a bunch of professional still photos [to them to use for the show],” Randy concluded.

While her future on the show is up in the air, Lind revealed that he will no longer be a part of it.

During the last reunion special, Lind told Dr. Drew Pinsky that his time on Teen Mom 2 is over.

“[I’m] not gonna give you guys what you want anymore. I’m just done with the show. I don’t want to participate in the show anymore,” he stated. “I’m not going to give you guys any more fuel to the fire. I want out of this life. I’m f***ing sick of it… Money’s not even worth it anymore.”

With Lind out the door and Chelsea following closely behind, the future of Teen Mom 2 is still in question. Until more information is released, it appears as though Chelsea wouldn’t mind if the show gets canceled.

Chelsea has yet to confirm her father’s comments about her future on Teen Mom 2.

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[Image via MTV]